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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Delicious Chocolate Cake

Actually I have too many things to write! But since there are too many, I don't really know where to start. Plus, now is 11.30 pm and my eyes are getting smaller and smaller every minute. These couple of days had been very hectic to me. Let me just write a bit about today.

I iced this cake for my niece Alya Farhani who turned 9 yesterday. My brother went outstation yesterday and couldn't collect the cake. The recipe of this cake will be posted at the end of this entry. So keep reading....


At the same time, I got an order from Amy who is Mak Chu's friend for these cupcakes. The cupcakes are for her son's first birthday, the handsome Danish. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANISH. Hope you like the cuppies and thanks for ordering ya...maaflah kalau ada yang terkurang ye... mama jual...

When I was half way decorating Amy's cupcakes, I received a phone call from my aunt in Bangi to inform me that my other aunt, HAJJAH AZIZAH in Shah Alam had passed away. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi 'rajiun. Informed hubby about the sad news and he asked me and mom to get ready to go to Shah Alam to pay our last respect. May her soul rest in peace.... Al-Fatihah......

It's been quite a while since I last posted a recipe in here. So for this entry, I will post the chocolate cake recipe that I've made for Alya's birthday cake. Got it from a cocoa tin, back there in Malawi.....huhuhuuhu.... how I miss Malawi so very much!


3 eggs separated
120 g flour
175 g sugar
60 ml oil
125 ml hot water
24 g cocoa powder
2 teaspoons baking powder
a pinch of salt
5 ml vanilla essence

Method :
- Sift flour, baking powder and salt together
- Mix cocoa and hot water and allow to cool
- Combine egg yolks, oil, sugar, vanilla and cocoa mixture
- Add this to dry ingredients and mix well.
- Whip egg whites till stiff and fold lightly into mixture.
- Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 C for 40 to 45 minutes.

Note :
If I want to make a Black Forest Cake, I normally use this recipe for the cake.

Have a fun and safe weekend everyone.....

Warmest regards,


  1. salam ma...
    amboiiii tu diaaa makin meriah deco kek dia...cantik betui guna gel erk...heee nway happy belated birthday to alya :D

  2. lama betul tak sembang dengan mama. makin laju bisnes mama. alhamdulillah.........deco mama dah mula tampal menampal ye!Cantik..nampak jelas birthday girl tu...

  3. salam takziah buat keluarga mak cik mama...semoga rohnya di tempatkan di kalangan org2 yg beriman...deko npk ceria dgn bunga-bunga tu..happy birthday buat alya farhani...

  4. Ni mesti mama dah terlelap sebelum sempat tulis resipi kek...heh heh..dok bwh sampai tak cukup ruang, tak muncul2 pun resipi heh heh heh... ( Macam lah nak buat sangat...kuang.kuang kuang...)

  5. cantiknya cc wahai mama. makcik kata nak buat tp ingat dah 2-3 x tgk mama buat cc, makcik punya tak jadi lagi

  6. shima :
    Waalaikumussalam Shima. Ha ah, memang cantik guna gel, lagi

    menghelit-ngelit. Thanks for the wish.

    Kak Jie Jie :
    Saja buat suka-suka kak... nak panggil bisnes pun segan je....hehe...

    Ana :
    Terima kasih Ana untuk doa tersebut dan juga untuk wish buat anak buah ma...

    rinnchan :
    Alooo madam, click kat PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ler... ni saper yang terlelap sebenarnya... ahakss.......

    makcikkantin :
    Hihihi... no komenlah makcik sebab mama pun ada penyakit yang sama tu... tapi untuk benda lain la... ahakss....

  7. Wow, you have been busy. Your creations and beautiful.

  8. kalau la sis boleh take my order,when agaknya?

  9. mamafami...cute nya cuppies tu...cheq suka noo hehehe

  10. cantik kek deko awak..... gambar tu nampak cam familiar jek .. hehe

  11. mama..
    tara follow mama punya blog eh!!
    tara suka tgk recipe yang ada..
    heheehe..leh cuba..

  12. i'd be slightly freaked kalau nak makan kek ada muka sendiri, hehe.

  13. >> chocolate cake mmg selalu sedap pun...:-d

  14. salam geng..lama tak singgah nie

  15. re: mama, byk org takut dgn rimau tu jadi saya kena 'mencomelkannya' kembali... although rimau pun cat family, and it's orange! :)

  16. Mama!!!!!!! Mana bole lupa kat mama. :) Kasut crocs tu twins yg dlm gmbr tu punya. Debok pon pakai crocs tp for boy la kan. ;p

  17. Slam, and takziah to ur auntie.may se rest in peace,I used to follows your blog and all those mervelous recipes...would like to know what kind of cream you covered those CC?they looks so white yet so creamy and even you can scribble on it..??? thank you.

  18. Cynthia :
    Thanks dear

    MAK TEH :
    Suatu masa nanti.....dengan izin Allah Subhanahu wa Taala...

    zanaz :
    Terima kasih Zana...

    D.a.a.l.i.a :
    Tak ler secantik awak punya cc yang debomb tu...

    Tara Iris :
    Thank Tara sebab sudi nak follow.... Much appreciated!

    Lee Lin :
    Come to think of it.... betul gak eh? Hahaha...

    jeff :
    Betul betul betul....

    merpati66 :
    Waalaikumussalam.. ye la, awak tu kan busy 36 jam!

    Lee Lin :
    Ye la, sesekali nak gak lalui proses transformasi, ye dak...

    Mademoiselle Ayu :
    Alhamdulillah Ayu masih ingat kat mama ye....Mama tahu, itu kasut twins tu... saja je nak pancing.. hehehe...

    4jahreszeit :
    'Used' to follow my blogs...why now, have you stopped following? ;) Just kidding. I used creamwell, shortening and icing sugar for my icing. Both the ingredients are white in color. That's why my icing is white. I don't add any butter or margarine into it...

  19. MaMaFami

    boleh tak share resepi topping jelly utk kek danish tu?

  20. FiDa@aMiDa
    Topping jelly tu is called piping jelly dan mama beli kat kedai bakery je....

  21. Thank you mamafami! really appriciated,I'll always leave my foot step on your blogs..can never just passing by..ehehehehe..

  22. salam kenal mamafami, fina nak follow gak blog mama yer....resepi mama buat perut berkeroncong jer...:)

  23. Ma,look yummy sgt!nmpk good combination.nanti siap sabtu ni ct layangkan report,ok?

    Thanks so much for your receipe!

  24. asalamualaikum,
    kalau nak order cake dengan mama bagaimana cara nya:

  25. As salam mama.
    sy cari edible printed picture yg ats kek tu..camne ye.
    tempah dr kedai mane ye tu..?
    ingat nk wat surprise utk bestfriend.. ;)

  26. helwa fathi :

    Waalaikumussalam. Mama selalu tempah edible image dari Lea Oven kat Kota Warisan.


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