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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chocolate Brownies

It's not always whatever we planned will turn out the way it should be. Sometimes the result will be much better than expected but otherwise, a disastor! Good if it turned out great but if it's disastrous, then you have to think fast and be extra creative to cover the failure, if it's possible that is! Hahaha... Speaking of failure, a few weeks ago, I, for the very first time, tried using my brownies tray with cutters which I had bought quite sometime back. And using a new recipe without reading the feedback about the recipe. My brownies overflowed from the tray, not that much though but since it had rised quite a bit, so the cutters were 'buried' in the brownies. It was a job to take out the cutters, resulting to a tray of broken brownies...err can we even call it brownies? I doubt it... hahahaha...

To make things worse, I had done the brownies for my mom's visitors, our neighbour when we were very young. Aunty Asbah came with her daughter who is the same age as me and happens to be my school mate. When they arrived, I was busy in the kitchen, having a hard time handling the brownies. Managed to get a few pieces of so-called-brownies and the rest... huhuhu... undescribable! I served the few not-so-bad-looking-brownies and start thinking of what to do with the rest. Alhamdulillah, something popped in my mind and I ended up with these....

..........not bad huh??!!! Mind you, it's not the recipe to be blamed, but me, who doesn't study properly how to use the cutters.....

Well, that pleasant failure doesn't put me off. I still have the guts to try out another brownies recipe. But this time, I used the recipe recommended by Mak Lang . Thank you Mak Lang for your continuous encouragement and support. May Allah bless you....

Made this brownies for Azlina. Thank you Lin for ordering with me. I am much relieved when Lin is satisfied with the brownies... Alhamdulillah....

Source :1Mas2ra

Ingredients A ~ melted
150g butter
220g cooking chocolate ~ cut to small chunks

Ingredients B ~ mix well
260g brown sugar
2 eggs
100g fresh milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Ingredients C ~ sifted
200g flour
50g cocoa powder
1 teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

Method :

1. Sift ingredients C into a bowl.
2. Melt ingredients A. Remove from heat and leave for about 2 minutes.
3. Stir ingredients B just to mix.
4. Pour ingredients B and C into A. Mix using a hand whisk.
5. Pour the mixture into a baking tin lined with greaseproof paper.
6. Bake in a preheated oven at 170 C till done. Roughly about 40 to 45 minutes. Do not overbake.

Sumber : 1Mas2ra

Bahan A ~ dicairkan
150g mentega
220g coklat masakan ~ dipotong kecil

Bahan B ~ digaulkan

260g gula perang
2 biji telur
100g susu segar
1sudu teh esen vanilla

Bahan C ~ diayak

200g tepung gandum
50g serbuk koko
1 sudu teh serbuk penaik
½ sudu teh soda bikarbonat

Kaedah penyediaan :

1. Ayak bahan-bahan C ke dalam mangkuk.

2. Cairkan bahan A. Padamkan api dan ketepikan, lebih kurang 2 minit.
3. Gaulkan bahan-bahan B hingga bercampur dan sekadar rata.
4. Tuangkan campuran bahan B & C ke dalam A, gaul menggunakan hand whisk
5. Tuangkan ke dalam dulang pembakar yang telah dilapik kertas.
6. Bakar di dalam ketuhar yang telah dipanaskan terlebih dahulu pada suhu 170C hingga masak. Lebih kurang 40 hingga 45 minit.


  1. I want to have them i am addicted to chocolate. Beautiful and delicious.

  2. kak mas punya recipe ni mmg yummy3!!
    yg best buat brownies ni, xcepat muak. rich chocolate.

  3. adeeehhh! rasa mcm dh lama tak wat bronis! nmpk sedap nih!

  4. bronis muffin nama nyer ma...kuikuikui....membukit u!!!

  5. hehehe...kes macam mama ni...selalu jadi kat zana...suka nak cepat so tak baca instruction abis2an kui kui kui. mama guna loyang cutter saiz apa mama??? satu resipi tu muat ke utk loyang tu??? zana pun tak penah guna loyang cutter...dok cut sendiri je hehehe

  6. salam ma...
    sedap nih..benda2 coklat mmg tak leh tolak,...

  7. Assala-mu-Alaikum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakatu.

    Hubby is a brownie lover followed by the girls.....looks absolutely delicious....such an easy recipe with easy ingredients.....will definitely try it Inshallah.

    Fondest Love

  8. hai .. mamafami tq for comment Siti luuvvv sangat ar mamafami nie...

    baby Siti..

  9. SALAM MAMAFAMI.........


  10. thanx for sharing.. yummilicious ni.. drooling, drooling...!!!

  11. >> super clear and super yummy ni...:P
    >> tergoda gak tengok...:-d

  12. Salam Ma,
    Buat Choc "Dragon Ball" lagi senang ek ma!! Heh Heh... Guna lagi dua tiga kali, terer ler narik kuar cutter tuuu.. Rinn masa first2 dulu pun terkial2 jugak...

  13. alalahai...yummy nyer brownies nie! naper la sy lmbt jupe blog nie...kalo tak harus sy try mcm2 kena beli oben dulu la..hehehe ;-)

  14. sedapnya brownies nieh mama... lynn pun suka coklat2 nieh. mama jomla singgah kat blog lynn.. :)

  15. yumm...i'm drOoling just looking at these deliciOus picture..must try for sure..

    anyone wants to take their family photo or their baby can visit my blOg..

  16. pernah jugak cuba cutter tu, tapi kelam kabut pulak jadik nye..hihi, last2 simpan aje cutter tu, saya guna pisau aje..:P

  17. makkkk aiiii mama, sodapnyo...dh terliur tgk gmbr chocolate brownies tu...lunch time nti kena kuaq cari choclate cake la..

  18. i like ur blog n i would like to knw wats d japanese song title n singer name on ur blog?


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