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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Pak Busu

Another birthday? Yes, this time it's my Pak Busu's birthday today (18th February)... HAPPY 5*' th BIRTHDAY PAK USU! It is my great pleasure to be able to bake some cupcakes for him as I have not been decorating cupcakes for quite sometime. So this is somewhat like a melepas gian kind of thingy. So I baked for him some lemon cupcakes and later transformed them into these......

Why so bland mama? A few reasons for that....
i. Not enough time
ii. Not enough preparation
iii. Not enough ideas
iv. Not creative
....and all that reasons are just to cover the TRUTH about MamaFaMi, which is DOESN'T HAVE THE TALENT TO ICE CAKES! Hahahaha...

What really touched my heart was the look on his face when he saw the box of cupcakes which my aunty presented to him. He has the same expression like my abah used to have. The expression that says...alahai, terima kasihlah banyak-banyak.. buat susah susah aje... I really miss that look of my abah.......

Cupcakes order? Yes!!! Thank you Mak Chu, for ordering these for her office. I had fun decorating them... Speaking of cupcakes deco, a few days ago, I was chatting online with a cupcake sifoo . I told her that I am lousy at making swirls with buttercream. She had asked me, what nozzles did I use? And I told her a few of the nozzle numbers that I used. Then she said,"Eh peliknya nombor nozel awak. Kita tak pernah dengar pun". Hahaha... So as a conclusion, don't blame me for not having talent to ice the cakes or cupcakes. Blame it on my nozzles!!!! Hahahahahahahaha.....

Since I am running out of time, I'll skip the 'Recipe to Share Today' part, till my next entry. Not that I have not been doing stuff. Infact, I had been doing quite a good number of 'experiments', just waiting to be shared. Sabar ye kerana sabar itu sebahagian dari iman!

Till then, take care!


  1. ehh dah cantiklaaa ni apa yg xde talent nyerr?? ikshh ma ni...

  2. kiuttnya...dan nampak sedap..suke sgt cupcake tp baru nk belajar buat...

  3. Wow those blood red cute hearts looks gr8.

  4. Wow they all look so beautiful.

  5. maa, x sabar tunggu resipi lemon cupcakes. hehe.

    oh ye, cupcakes yg guna cupo biasa tu, size ape ek ma guna?

  6. salam mama..akak seronok sakali dapat laksanakan impian abah..sebab dia tak pernah request kek untuk harijadi dan tak pernah minta sekali nie dia bersuara ...buatlah kek emak abah dulu tak pernah buat kek untuk abah...tapi kali nie abah nak suruh along (akak) buat. Bila dah siapkan untuk dia ...terkejut juga sampai dua tingkat.
    Betul tu bila lama tak pegang piping beg terasa rindu pulak sebab rasanya kita memang happy dan tenang bila buat sesuatu yang kita suka kan.

  7. >> cantik hasil tu...
    >> happy belated birthday from me too...

  8. happy belated besday pak busu...dah lawa cc mama nie..mesti dorang sukenye..:):)

  9. mama,
    waaaa cantiknye cupcakes deco. makcik pun teringin nak cuba


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