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Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Ingredients :

2 cups Atta flour (I used the mixed Atta flour ~ brown & white)
1 tablespoon Ghee/Butter/Margarine (I used margarine)
1 tablespoon cooking oil
Enough water
Salt ~ optional
Extra margarine

Method :

1. Place Atta flour in a bowl.
2. Rub in a tablespoon of Ghee/Butter/Margarine
3. Add water bit by bit until it becomes a soft dough and doesn't stick to the hand.
4. Add the cooking oil into the dough and knead till well combined.
5. The bread taste better if made few hours ahead. Make as many small balls as you can, as big as golf ball, flatten it and roll out.
6. Heat a non stick flat pan till really hot.
7. Before placing the bread on the pan, remove access flour, if any.
8. When you see the color of the bread changes to slightly darker color, turn over the other side. Gently, press the sides of the bread with a kitchen paper or a clean towel. Let the bread puffs up, then flip over, back to the first side.
9. Once cooked, remove from heat and brush a bit of margarine on top.

Note from Tillingtan :
Also when press, make sure you press on the sides first as it will encourrage the bread to puff up.

Thanks Tillingtan of Forum Cari for the recipe.


  1. Wow chapati(Indian flat bread) looks yummy, soft and gr8.

  2. chapati onne! kopi radix onne!
    heheh :D

    ma, Atta flour tu ade jual kt kedai biase ke?

  3. This recipe is a godsend Mamafami! Tenkiu tenkiu...kat abu dhabi ni banyak benar roti atta nih! Thanks for the tip too...

  4. kitchen flavours :
    It's healthy too right?

    || syazwaniadnan || :
    Siapppp.... Muahahahaha... terbayanglah pulak, mama pakai kain putih macam mamak tu! Muahahaha....

    Atta flour tu ada jual kat kat kedai-kedai biasa...

    waterlily :
    Most welcome dear... Dah tempat dia kan Waterlily!

  5. capati nyummyyy.kuah kari tu soo pekat.sodap utk b'fast ngan teh tarik perghhhhh

  6. ma... sedap nyer capati tu.. bila kita dapat makan ek

  7. malasnya nak buat sendiri. nanti mama buatkan untuk farina ajelah, boleh? hehe.

  8. fiza nordin :
    Teh tarik yang buat laaaagi sedap tuh!

    Daalia :
    Nanti kita bawak awak kat kedai mamak depan rumah kita eh... hehhe...

    Salt N Turmeric :
    No problem, Farina malas, mama malas, kita suruh je mamak kat depan rumah ma ni buatkan... kita dua orang dok goyang kaki sambil cerita ceriti orait!

  9. hello there, what is atta flour actually?


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