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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Awards received with thanks!

Oh me oh my!!! I really took my time to collect all the awards that were passed to me. I am so sorry my dears. It doesn't mean that I don't appreciate them. God knows how thrilled and excited I am to receive them. But time is just not on my side lately. I had been busy...doing what? I am not so sure of! Hahaha... Anyway, here are all the three awards from these three lovely ladies. Thank you for always remembering me... May God bless you all....

From Nazarina A of Giddy Gastronome whom I really admire her work of art.


From Yasmeen of HealthNut . Do visit her blog for mouthwatering healthy food! I didn't do a good job in collecting the award huh Yasmeen... hehehehe... anyway, it's better late than never right? *wink* *wink*


From Lubna of Kitchen Flavours who updates her blog almost everyday with those lovely food spread!

Pheewww... that's a relief! My job's done! Otherwise I feel like the guilty party! Hahahaha...


  1. dear mamafami
    Sedap2 masakan mama ni..Ni nak tanya,mama pakai oven jenis apa ye. Saya tgh dok cari oven yang besar..ingat nak cari europa,ok ker!

  2. ezza aziz :
    You've asked the wrong personlah Ezza. Mama ni, bukan tahu sangat pun. Apa je yang hubby ma beli, itu ler yang mama godamkan. Btw, oven ma adalah dari jenama FAGOR yang build-in. Dan oven yang kecil tu adalah dari jenama PENSONIC.


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