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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cucur badak


Ingredients :

For the skin

250g sweet potato ~ boiled and mashed
3 1/2 tablespoons flour
200g medium prawns ~ do not peel the skin
a bit of salt
3 cups cooking oil

For the filling

1/2 coconut ~ scraped
100g dried shrimps ~ soak for a while and pound
1 garlic
* 5 shallots
* 7 fresh red chillies
* 1 lemon grass
* 1 teaspoon tumeric powder
* 1 cm fresh ginger
* salt zeal (ajinomoto)
2 tablespoons cooking oil

Method :

1. For the skin :
  • Mix the mashed potato with flour and salt till a soft dough is formed.
2. For the filling :
  • Pound all the (*) ingredients.
  • Heat 2 tablespoons cooking oil and add in the pounded ingredients and also the pounded dried shrimps. Fry till fragrant.
  • Add in the coconut and mix well. Once cooked, remove from heat and let it cool.
3. Take a bit of dough, about the size of a tabletennis ball, flatten it and put the filling in the middle. Cover the filling and press one prawns on top of the dough.
4. Heat oil and fry till golden brown.
Note : I didn't put any fresh prawns in the middle because there's no medium prawns available in my freezer. It doesn't change the taste though, just for presentation, I guess.


  1. Cucur badak memang sedap dimakan panas2...tapi napa ya ia dinamakan begitu?? Nak tau gak!

  2. sedapnyerrrrrrrr....!! mama, nak 4 ketui! ehehehehe

  3. Potatoes stuffed with shrimp and coconut sounds so delicious and flavorful:)

  4. It reminds me of my UNI time in Sintok. I luv all the Malay kuih. Sedap betul cucuk badak Kak! Dah lapar....;)

  5. Dah lama I tak makan cucur badak, mama! Wish I can have one now :(

  6. Olá!
    Devem ser uma delicia.
    Boa semana.

  7. sedapnya! i pun dah lama tak makan. The sweet potato here is not like at home. They tend to be too watery so forming a dough is very very tricky.

  8. >> ini yang buat nak tanya soalan klasik tu...
    >> kalau dalam cucur udang ada udang, maka dalam cucur badak ada apa...? :D

  9. Mamafami,I've a surprise for you at my blog,please check out this post:)

  10. wow mama...
    dah maju bertapak2....
    dah ade blog....

  11. mama!

    nyummmmmm nmpk sgt meliyorkan!!!
    nak try mmg tkreti haha..kena carik je la jap g..huhu

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  12. Wow this looks gr8, awesome, tempting and alluring.

  13. tie :
    Naper namanya begitu tak berapa penting Tie, yang penting, sedap dimakan! Ahakss...

    jan :
    Thanks Jan. It is tasty, I must say...

    hana :
    Macam mana nak hulur ni ye? Hehehe...

    yasmeen :
    Indeed it is...

    food for tots :
    Aduhai, sorrylah buat you lapar. Tak apa, nanti cuba buat ye...

    icook4fun :
    Wishes don't come true unless you get yourself busy in the kitchen my dear!

    linda :
    Thanks Linda

    edoras :
    Tahu, tak pe! Ahaks...

    salt n turmeric :
    But for a good cook like you, it'll not be a problem right!

    jeff :
    Jawapan klasik : Tak tahu!

    yasmeen :
    Thank you Yasmeen. I will collect it soon as I am free ya...

    mummy hamim2 :
    Lor...dah setahun lebih dah blog ni Imah oi...

    linda+ghazi :
    Ala Linda, kalau takat kat Malaysia ni, kalau Linda nak makan sorang je, beli ajelah. Senang kerja! Hehehe...

    kitchen flavours :
    Thanks for your kind words Lubna...

  14. This is my favourite too. Used to buy this at 5cent each when I was small, so bought it almost everyday. Never found this kuih in Sarawak.... ghee I miss it!


  15. AlongRoz :
    Sis, kalau nowadays you can find this kuih at 5 cents each, PLEASEEEEEEE let me know! Kita borong 1 bakul terus tau! Nowadays, the cheapest you can find pun dah 3 ketul RM1! Teruk betul kan? And then, the size tu, ciputttt je!

  16. Bila nak put the filling in, sometimes the dough sticks to my palm even though dah letak tepung..Mama have some tips to share so it doesn't?


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