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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sambal Kering Tempe & Ikan Bilis

Source : Blog Ummi

Ingredients :

2 pieces tempe ~ sliced thinly
1/2 cup dried anchovies
1/2 cup chillie paste + blended onion
2 cloves of garlic ~ knocked
2 tablespoons dark sweet soya sauce
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons tamarind juice
salt to taste
1 Bombay onion ~ diced
3 green chillies ~ julienned

Method :

1. Fry the tempe and dried anchovies (separately) till golden brown and set aside.
2. Heat a little oil in a wok, add in the chillie paste and blended onion. Let it simmer till fragrant.
3. Add in the garlic, tamarind juice, soya sauce, sugar and salt.
4. When it's slightly dried, put in the fried tempe, anchovies, diced onion and green chillie. I added red chillies as well.
5. Stir to mix. Remove from heat and ready to serve.


  1. Mama can u please send your email address. I am an Indian living in Malaysia. I need to ask some questions about malaysian cooking. I would be thankful if you could help me. I love your website so much. Can u send some recipes using blended rice flour? I accidentally got a pack of blended rice flour to try an Indian recipe. But it didnt come out well. so if you could please send me some recipes using blended rice flour i would be thankful to you.

    thank you



  2. Mama, well done! Mesti berselera makan nasi dengan tempe tonight, x sedar MIL lalu belakang nih! O ya, ummi baru je wat Japanese Souffle Cheese Cake cedok dari blog mama..thanx a lot..! Muaahhh! =D

  3. Rahimah :
    Thank you for visiting both my websites. I'm glad you like them. I hope you like Malaysia as well. About my email address, I'm sorry, I do not publish my email address in the webpages. Kindly leave yours and I'll get back to you, insyaAllah. As for the rice flour recipe, as I've replied in my fotopage, there are lots of Malaysian kuih that you can do with it. You'll have to browse in the internet for the recipes in English. But if you can understand Bahasa Malaysia, then the chances of getting the recipe is bigger. Anyway, I will try to help you where ever I can and if time permits ya...Thanks again!

    ummi :
    Amboi Ummi, macam passing baton la pulak kita hari ni yek...ahakss...Macam mana dengan Cheese cake tu? Ok? Mama dan Fatin serta Sara (tutor budak-budak ni during holiday) suka kek tu...And oh yes, the tempe is so nice. Mama makan tu je dengan nasi. Then hirup tomyam fishball and fishcake... burpppp... alhamdulillah....

  4. Thank you for sharing your recipes MamaFami and your anecdotes. I hope to try them soon.


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