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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Apam Eno (zara_klate)

Yields 40 - 50 pieces
Source : Zara_Klate of MyResipi

Ingredients :

300g rice flour
8 - 10 tablespoons white sugar (I think it'll taste nicer if you add another 2 to 3 tablespoons sugar)
1 tablespoon instant dried yeast
280 - 300 ml water
3 teaspoon plain ENO for 3 different colors (1 teaspoon for each color)
red food coloring
green food coloring

Method :

1. Mix flour and water, a little at a time. Then add yeast and sugar. Mix well. 2. Leave the mixture to ferment overnight.
3. Divide the mixture to 3 parts and add coloring. Leave 1 part plain.
4. Add in 1 teaspoon ENO to each part. Stir till it bubbles.
5. Prepare the steamer. Once the water starts to boil, steam the empty cups for a while. Remove from the steamer and pour the mixture into the steamed cups. Place them back on the steamer and steam till done. It will be about 15 minutes.
6. Serve with white grated coconut, preferably steamed for a few minutes. Add a bit of salt to the coconut.


  1. adehhh sedapnyaaa tapi malas nk buat..camna nih ma?

  2. intan..ko ni, malas lak...?
    mama, ade g x? hehehe...kurang rajin je...wat bekfes pagi ni sodap tu...

  3. sonok tgk apam tu cantek je naik...

    sis,nak tanya sket..
    laa ni sis dmane ?..if msia kat mane ye..kt malawi sis attach ngan gov ker..?

    hehehh..manyak btol soklan,,kire sesi suaikenal la ni..hope u dont mind..

  4. salam sis,,sedap..sedap...

  5. mamafami... disini rupa buku resepi mama..hehhhe best2 ...

  6. hi mamafami,

    I selalu masuk ur FP and I didn't know u have blog... now i'l check ur blog everyday as it really convenience. do visit mine too.
    esok nak try buat apam ni... dah lama tak mkn and I couldn't find nice one here

  7. hi mama..iyta memang suka makan apam tak penah buat ler....asik2 cam malas je...bak mai sikit buleh ke...he he he

  8. nabialishad :
    Sonang yo...poie boli...tigo singgit!

    jun :) :
    Dah lama dah tamat riwayatnya!

    cikwan :
    Kami dah balik Malaysia, no longer in Malawi and in Malawi, we're not attached with the government.

    rizza :
    Ini buku resipi backup mama... hehehe...

    yatie :
    Terima kasih sudi ke mari. Dan silalah cuba mana-mana yang berkenan yek...

    iyta :
    Cam mana nak bagi kat Iyta, dah long gone dah kuih apam tu!


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