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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Orange Flavoured Green Jelly

BEWARE and DOUBLE BEWARE! Mama did it again! Haha...who said MamaFaMi can't create recipes! Oi..udah udahlah perasan tuuuu...sesikit sudahlah...hehehe! Actually I intend to make some kuih Apam for iftaar. But somehow or rather, I ended up making this jelly! And while following the instruction on the packet, the idea of adding this and that into the boiling pot, came to my mind. So here's what I ended producing!


Source : ME!!!

Ingredients :

1 packet (10g) Agar-agar powder, green color (I used Three Roses Brand)
2 1/2 mugs water
1/2 mug fresh milk
200g sugar
green coloring
2 tablespoons sunquick

Method :

1. Pour water into a pot and add agar-agar powder. Place the pot on the stove on medium heat.
2. Add sugar, green coloring, milk and sunquick. Stir till sugar dissolved.
3. Bring to boil. Remove from heat.
4. Pour into mould and let it cool.
5. Chill in the fridge till it hardens.
6. Cut and serve.

My verdict : Lovely!
Sorry about the name...I am just lousy at giving names!


  1. :clap: :clap:
    horay!!! tu dia..dah menjadi innovator..! keep it up!

  2. erna :
    Innovator shakali shakali je...


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