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Friday, August 17, 2007

Padprik Harlina

Source : Harlina's Fotopages

Ingredients :
3 shallots
1 red chillie
2 garlic
250 g chicken/beef fillet ~ cut into thin strips
black pepper
chillie powder
1 lemon grass ~ bruised OR kaffir leaves
1 onion ~ cut into rings
1 tablespoon chillie sauce
1 tablespoon tomato sauce
1 tablespoon soya sauce
Tomyam cube
Vegetables ~ carrot, french beans, tomato, etc
Lemon juice

Method :

1. Marinate chicken/beef fillet with salt, pepper and chillie powder.
2. Add in cornflour and mix well.
3. Heat a bit of oil in a small pan and stir-fry the marinated meat for a while. Remove and set aside.
4. Pound shallots, red chillie and garlic.
5. Heat oil in another pan and add in the pounded ingredients and the tomyam cube. Fry till fragrant.
6. Add in the stir-fried meat and cook till done.
7. Add in the chillie sauce, tomato sauce and soya sauce. Add in a bit of water if you want more gravy.
8. Add in the vegetables, lemon grass (or kaffir leaves) and onion.
9. Serve with plain white rice.

Note :
1. Since I don't have red chillie, I substitute with bird eye chillie.
2. I used both chicken and beef fillet.
3. No lemon grass, just kaffir leaves.

* Thanks a bunch Harlina....this recipe is simply delicious!


  1. Have u tried mee padprik? nyummy!!
    ni pun menarik gak..makang ngan nasik panas..pergh!

  2. aduhh nampak sedap je nih ma..ada rasa ala ala kedai dak? ke kedai mamafami ja..

  3. amboi...diam-diam je dia ade rumah baru ye..sikit pun tanak bgtau kite.. kecik hati kite...
    yelah..kite nih siapalah kan.... sob sob sob..

  4. monitor 2 cerdik :
    Don't quite like mee, that's why never tried mee padprik before. Maybe nanti bila teragak, bolehlah mama cuba mihun padprik ke...

    pengawas darjah satu :
    Ada rasa kedai suka part masam-masam resipi ni....perghhh...sedap ooo....

    cak :
    Ampun Cak...janganlah kecik hati...ala tayang tayang Cak. Mama tak kompang kat sesaper pun sebab rumah mama yang ini, kosong je...resipi pun tepek haq kat fotopage je. Buat rumah baru ni pun sebab gatal tangan! Hehehe....Maaf ye Cak...


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