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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Simple Fried Rice

Posted by MamaFaMi

Ingredients :

1 bowl plain rice
1 onion - slice thinly
1 garlic - slice thinly
2 teaspoons chille paste (more if you want it hot)
1/2 teaspoon fish sauce
1/2 piece fish cake - sliced
1 egg
Frozen mixed vegetables
salt to taste
cooking oil

Method :

1. Heat oil in a skillet. Add in the sliced onion and garlic. Saute till soft.
2. Add in the chille paste and stir till fragrant.
3. Add in the fish sauce, fish cake and mixed vegetables. Stir.
4. Add in egg and stir. Add salt.
5. Finally add in the rice and stir to mix for 5 minutes or so.
6. Ready to serve. Enjoy.

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