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Monday, November 17, 2014

Our gateaway and mom's surprise

Hi everyone! I'm back from a short vacation. 
~ Mr Hubby needs a break from his work
~ My girl needs to 'run away' from her assignments and course work for a while...
~ My mom can enjoy new environment *story to follow*
and YOURS TRULLY... just love to tag along! Hahahaha....

Hubby had asked me to have a look at the brochure he brought back from office. He told me to call up the numbers written and ask them the available dates, during weekends, before the school holiday starts. And the only dates available was last week. I confirmed the booking and started planning a surprise for my mom.

Actually my sister and I had wanted to do this since last year but the time wasn't right for both of us. Infact, we didn't manage to get the perfect time to do this together this year, so I carried on with the plan on my own. We wanted to give our mom a surprise by asking her BFF (best friend forever), Hajjah Siti Hamidah to join us in this trip. Mr Hubby asked me to book 2 rooms, preferably side by side and alhamdulillah I managed to get them. 

I called Puan Hajjah Siti Hamidah and told her of our plan. She said she would love to be a part of our plan if her son is willing to send her to the hotel from Malacca. So I spoke to her son and he is more than willing to collaborate with us. Thank you Aboy.,,, jasamu akak kenang ye.... Lain kali boleh buat lagi!  Alhamdulillah Allah made it easy for us... maybe because for a good cause...

We started from home at around 4pm. Stopped by Fatin's house to pick her up and off to Lexis Port Dickson. It was raining heavily that time so Mr Hubby had to drive slow. We reached Lexis at around 5.30 pm. I went to the counter to check in. IT WAS MY FIRST TIME HANDLING THE CHECK IN! Hahahaha.... sorry guys... I was excited, my first time okay. Haha... bear with me! After that, we had to wait for mom's BFF to arrive. After a good 10 minutes, Puan Hajjah Siti Hamidah arrived at the lobby, to my mom's surprise. She still didn't get it. She thought her friend was there by coincidence until we reached our water chalet.... SURPRISEEEEE!!!!! 

They certainly had a wonderful time together, judging from their happy faces. We let them have the room to herself while Fatin stayed with us for one night. Alhamdulillah all are happy and I am the happiest because not only my plan is successful, but the food that I brought along was 90% finished! Alhamdulillah.... be continued.....


  1. Replies
    1. Hihi... tq tq... Macamlah jauh sangat mama pergi. Port Dickson je kot....

  2. Hi MamaFaMi, glad to hear that your gateaway is an enjoyable one and this is especially so when it's a get-together with loved ones. Have a wonderful week and warmest regards :)

    1. Yup Ivy... nice break and best part is, my plan was successful

  3. wah besttt nye mama welcome home ya, mesti masih dok teringat holiday tu kan, sesekali lari dari segala rutin kita kita best jugak kan enjoyyy

    1. Hehehe... makasih Kak Noor. Ha ah, kalau boleh, tak mau balik. Enjoying the view and the relaxation. Lepas ni kita nak gi Brunei jumpa Kak Noor, boleh? :D

  4. Mamaaaaa....sakan holiday eh, tempat best eh, empuk tdo....kita ni bertemankan hujan je....hehe

  5. Mama, your mum must have been thrilled to bits! There's nothing like spending quality time with your best buddy. Seronok habis, kan? And Mama pun thrilled to bits that the surprise turned out as planned :)


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