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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thank you....

Courtesy of  catatan journal aurora Thank you

Assalamualaikum to all...

My first entry for March 2014. Such a long break. Reason? Well, no particular reason actually, just been busy and lazy at the same time. Plus with the water cut in Selangor at the moment, makes me even lazier to try things in the kitchen. Not to say that if there is water at home, I will be otherwise! Hahaha...

Anyway, for this entry, I won't be putting up any recipes though I have quite a few waiting in line to be posted. This entry is mainly to thank Miss Norashikin Md Nor from Jelita Magazine, March 2014 edition for featuring my humble blog in their ENAK TAK TERKATA section.

I was surprised to know MamaFaMi's Spice n Splendour appeared in the magazine when first informed by Ummi Kuantan via Whatsapp. Then when I checked the comments in my Mushroom and Sausage Omelette entry, I came upon a comment by Marsita Yahya stating the same matter. Thank you to both of you for letting me know. And my thanks goes to Fadzlina Kamis for buying me the magazine. Appreciate all of you very much.

My blog was featured together with Marsita's blog MINT Homemade and also Muhammad Syafiq's blog Syapex and I felt tiny when lined together with them. Check their blogs and you will know what I mean!

Miss Norashikin wrote..."paparan gambar besar dah jelas, cukup untuk menjamu mata pembaca blog masak ini". To be honest, I was actually "menjamu" my own eyes with those large sized photos. I just like to see the photos that I took and posted. Even though they are not as lovely as other peoples' photo, but I am proud of what I managed to do.. hahaha...There goes my confession! sangat poyo kan saya ini!!!

And here too, I would like to appologise to other editors from magazines and papers, if I have not replied to your emails asking if I would like to be featured in your magazines and papers. To be frank, I felt really honoured to get those invitations. The feeling is just great!! But there are some requirements from your part that I could not fulfil and I am very bad at turning down good opportunities like these. What's more, I don't really know how to put it in words..hence the silence. I really hope you guys will understand... My sincere apologies......


  1. Well done, Mama! I am very proud of you!

  2. tahniah mama..
    hehe.. samalah dgn saya mama.. terkedu bila ada majalah tanya nak masukkan beberapa resepi dlm mag dorang.. terkedu sampai tak reply.. hahaha.. bukan sombong.. tp rasanya tak layak gambar2 makanan sy nak masuk majalah.. kesian kat pembaca tengok gambar2 yg membosankan.. hehe...

    1. Kalau nak ikutkan, gambar-gambar dalam blog Ratna lagi cantik dan presentable, boleh menggamit selera. Mama dah give up dah nak cuba buat setting cantik-cantik sebab memang fail. Jadinya, mama snap ikut sukahati mama je. After all, sebenarnya blog ni pun, mama suka suka buat sebab mama suka suka tengok gambar sendiri... hahahaha... nowadays pun, snap gambar guna camera phone aje. Kamera mama entah mana mama letak... :D

  3. p/s: TQ masukkan blog sy dlm senarai blog list mama ye.. tq so much!

  4. WAH tahniah mama salute lah kak noor pada mama nanti akak beli majalah ni..

    1. Terima kasih Kak Noor. Alahai, ruangan untuk kita tu hanya slot kecil je Kak Noor. Tapi majalah tahun 2011 tu memang diorang bagi kita special column. Alhamdulillah merasalah juga...

  5. tahniah mama!
    uhuk uhuk nama saya diseru disitu.....heeeeeeeeee

  6. Hi my dear, congratulation to you. Feel so happy for you. Keep up the good work.

    Have a lovely week ahead,regards.

  7. Oops missed out this one..congrats to you ..mama..
    you deserved this !!!..Semuga more to come!!..:)


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