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Friday, January 3, 2014

Jackfruit in Spicy and Hot Coconut Milk Gravy

Hmmm, did I write, BRUNCH in my previous entry? Oh yes I did and indeed I had just brunch. But not for my mom. She had her breakfast in the morning and she needs her lunch. So yours trully cooked lunch for dear mom. The original plan was to cook Chicken Rice with a bit of cheating here and there, but I guess, since today is Friday, cheating is not permissable.... hahaha.. as if other days are halal to cheat! Duh!

I took quite a bit of things out of the freezer, still not knowing what to cook. It was at 11.30am when I finally made up my mind. I didn't follow any recipes in particular. I just chucked in whatever I feel like it's right to chuck in and which ever way I think is right to prepare these dishes! Hahaha... So, if you feel like trying out this recipe, please go ahead, AT YOUR OWN RISK. Hahahaha... ni yang buat orang pikir 40 kali nak cuba ni... ahahaha...

..tu dia eh, ambil gambar dalam periuk terus. Tak de prop tak de pinggan cantik bagai! Tak reti! Hahaha...

Posted by MamaFaMi

Ingredients :

300g unripe jack fruit - cleaned and cut to small pieces
11 bird eye chille - depends on how hot you want your gravy to be
5 shallots
1 inch ginger
1/2 inch fresh turmeric
100g tender meat
1 beef cube - I used maggi brand
1 stalk lemon grass - bruised
1 piece turmeric leaf - shred
thin coconut milk
thick coconut milk
dried tamarind skin
salt to taste

Method :

1. Place the jackfruits in a pot. Add water and bring to boil till jackfruit is tender. Put through a strainer and set aside.
2. Blend finely, bird-eye chillies, shallots, ginger, fresh turmeric with 1/2 cup of water. Set aside.
3. In a pot, place the meat and add water. Bring to boil till the meat is tender.
4. Pour the finely blended ingredients and thin coconut milk. Add in the beef cube and lemon grass. Stir and let the gravy boil. When the liquid is slightly reduced, add in the thick coconut milk, the jackfruits, shredded turmeric leaf and tamarind skin. Add salt to taste.
5. Let it simmer for a few more minutes, stir once in a while.
6. Remove from heat and ready to serve.

Have a nice day!


  1. Assalamualaikum mamafami...buka2 aje page ni terus terlapar tgk menu ala kampung nangka masak lemak & ayam goreng tu...punyalah sedap.....nice shot!!

  2. adusss terliur akak tengok nangka tu, biar lah kembong perut makan janji layan selera kan Mama hahaa

  3. Mama ni pakat hentam-hentam pun jadi sedap. Betul tak? Usually at home that's what we do but since I started blogging, I had to measure and remember those things that I campak. If not very hard to put up the recipe. That's why my pen or notepad sometime got onions or get oily.


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