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Thursday, November 21, 2013

What's for Iftaar today?

In sha Allah, I am fasting today. So far so good, though I only had a small amount of food the day before. And I had two slices of bread for sehri, with a mug of milk tea and also my medication. Alhamdulillah I am good.

Hmm, now what shall I have for Iftaar today? Any ideas?

Well, I had this for Monday's Iftaar....

... and this for Tuesday's Iftaar...

Ha ah, western ko.... kellassss mak!!! Hihihihi....


  1. my girl will scream for the first pic and my boy for the second pic :)

    1. Hahaha... girl screaming, boy screaming... makes mom a busy lady! Jangan the mom joined screaming sudahlah! Baru havoc satu rumah!

  2. salam rindu mama....

    Tak apa bila makan puasa, bila makan're fasting :))

    1. Waalaikumussalam sis...

      Hihihihi... logik gak your answer ni. Boleh digunapakai n... :D


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