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Monday, July 1, 2013

Potato Donuts


Little did I realise that there is no entry for June, 2013 except for that scream-to-myself entry. Time flies and I just can't catch up with time because I am walking and not running. How is that possible to catch up with something that is flying! Hahahaha... otak ku senget lom buat alignment lagi ni! Merepek je kerjanya...

Anyway, I am still alive and breathing well. Alhamdulillah I managed to get to be 47... ha ah Mak chu, bangga tu, siap announce umur lagi... muahahaha.... Thank you to those lovely dearies who had wished me via email and whatsapp. How thoughtful of you ladies and I'm trully touched. Thank you Mak Chu for the treat at Secret Recipe... my very first time there. Yes, don't be surprised, it was indeed my first time to dine at Secret Recipe and I enjoyed it...

Other than that, yes Mak Teh, no news means good news. Alhamdulillah. Many good things happened last month that kept me really occupied. Alhamdulillah... syukur alhamdulillah.


Thank you to Izah and Kak Wan for sharing this nice recipe with us.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Source : Citarasawan and adjusted by Izah

Ingredients :

200 g flour - sifted
1 1/2 teaspoons instant dried yeast
50g castor sugar
100g potato - peeled and boiled till soft
1 tablespoon condensed milk
1 1/2 tablespoon margarine
1 egg yolk
1/2 teaspoon salt
60ml water (I used less)
Icing sugar to coat the donuts (I used snow powder)
Enough oil for frying

Method :

1. Mash the boiled potatoes while they are still hot and keep aside to cool.
2. In a bowl, place flour, sugar and yeast. Mix well. Add in the mashed potatoes, condensed milk, margarine and egg yolk. Mix.
3. Pour water a little at a time and knead till a soft and elastic dough is formed.
4. Rest the dough, cover with a damp cloth and let it rise.
5. Roll the dough to 1/2 inch thick and cut using a donut cutter. Arrange on a tray layered with a clean plastic sheet. Rest for another 20 minutes or so.
6. Heat oil and fry the donuts till golden brown.
7. Coat with icing sugar or fine sugar or snow powder. You can also coat it with melted chocolate and drizzle with some colored rice.

Have a nice day!


  1. Happy Belated birthday sis. Eh kenapa hah you buat donuts? Kjee duk berkira2 jugak nak buat tau. The last time Kjee buat was when Nadia was in Std 3... 9 years old? Now she's 25!

    1. Thank you dear Kjee for the wish.

      Kita TERbuat donut, bukan sengaja nak buat. Hehehe... Mak oi Kjee... lama tu dah tak buat donut. Tu bukan kira berzaman tu.. dah berkurun tu namanya... ahaks.. ce terai buat cer...

    2. Hehehe memang nak buatlah. tengok esok lusa.

  2. sedap ni makan time donut tu panas2 lgi..

  3. MamaFaMi, Happy Birthday! I love it that you don't mind telling your age. My diet terbengkalai so I told myself this month I must be serious. If not tak boleh jadi. And then I come here, you tayang my favorite donuts. ***Piak!*** (slap forehead)

    1. Hi Phong Hong,

      Ooo you sudah sampai sini eh? You terbang ye? Hehehe... Thank you for the wish dear. Dah tua dah, sket lagi boleh join warga emas punya club. :D

      Adoi, don't slap your forehead la, nanti benjol, macam mana! Never mind la, makan satu dua ketul won't spoil your diet. Nanti you jalan extra miles la, kautim balik. Hehehe..

  4. Really tak tahan .... lihat sedapnya tuh donuts. Really made my saliva rolling down in front of this computer screen :) Here, I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday too!

    1. Thank you DG for the wishes. So sweet of you.

      Hihi.. cepat pergi ambil tisu and wipe the saliva. Nanti darling tengok the wife drooling, habis diva you. Hehehe...

  5. Hai dear. Happy belated birthday. I'm counting my bd pulak. He he.

  6. Happy bthdy mama. Moga sentiasa dlm rahmatnye..zila klu tringin g bli jew..skrg ne apa2 pn malas jew. Gebus2 tu mama.

  7. happy belated busday utk Mama rajin nya orang busday ni buat donut ni nampak sangat gebus tu ..

  8. Love it...they look so perfect and yum...

  9. Hi Sweetie, how come I tak nampak your update in my dashboard!!! Happy belated birthday, may you stay young and sweet always. We two share same birthday, same month but different by 2 days.... mine baru lepas juga but I'm more senior than you. :))
    I would like to share my Elvis birthday cake with you, when free drop by to blow the candles. hehehe...

    Donut sudah habis? LOL
    Have a lovely day.

  10. Happy belated birthday come I thought its 10th july?

  11. hello sis, seronok dgr you had nice day, happy belated b;day, mak teh pong, life is taking a toll on me..reallly pray that this Ramadhan is not going to be the last for me.
    selamat menyambut Ramadhan yg dicintai...ampun maaf atas segala salah khilaf makteh ya...wishing you all the nicest things in the whole wide you..

    oh ya, Ajeem kat dusseldorf...

  12. assalam ..Ramadhan kareem..sibuk wat biscuit ke ?tayang la kat sini sama

  13. happy belated bday! baru 47! ;)

  14. i loved your blog! its my first time here, and i am sure ..i will back soon for read more posts and recipes!
    The best recipe ever


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