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Friday, May 31, 2013

Rancangan Bersama MamaFaMi - Salad Buah ala Tutti Frutti


  1. Hi my sweetie, wah... now very 'IN' sudah upgrade whatsapp! I belum upgrade lagi ley....LOL

    Today tuti fruti...ada ice cream lagi... so refreshing and shiok cos weather so hot and humid.
    Tapi cannot send to me, my phone no whatsapp... wait I upgrade dulu lah then can kaypohchi with you. Tapi you bawa sikit to my pondok dulu. hahaha

    Have a nice Friday don't kena fry-day. Byee....

  2. Hah! Hah! Hah! Tergelak.....cedap nih! Kalau PH, lantak letak ais kwim lebih jahanam lagi....

  3. You always pick such interesting!
    I have not seen this one and now feel I must do so soon.
    Loved your description of it. Thank you for picking this one.

  4. Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...aaaaiiii miiiissss yooouuuuuu.... Mau jugak itu tutti fruiti....rasa pernah buat, tp dah lama la kottt...meh semangkuk.. ^__^


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