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Friday, December 21, 2012

Orange and Fruit Cocktail Pudding

Yesterday afternoon, I had two TNB contractors at my house. They came to relocate the TNB meter at our house. They came at around 2 pm. Perfect timing, as I was done with the house chores. Since my house has a three-phase meter, they took more than 2 hours to finish their job. And all that time, I had to switch off the main switch. Cooped up in the house with no electricity. Alhamdulillah, since we had two turbine fan ventilators fixed on the roof, heat is not the main problem for me but BOREDOM.

I just can't stay put... waiting without doing anything. To bake, I have no electricity. Hmmm... I browsed the internet on my phone and came across this pudding recipe at DG's Blog who led me to the recipe creator's blog... Along Roz *clap* *clap**clap*

Well, I do love Milo, and I adore Oreos... but then, my mission now is to clear my stock. I will make something using whatever is available in the fridge, so that my fridge will loose some 'weight'! Hahaha.... So I have transformed Along's recipe into something else! Ampun ya Along..... Thank you to DG for bringing me to Along and thank you Along for the inspiration.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Inspired by : Along Roz

Ingredients :

5g Agar-agar powder
375g water
100g sugar
200g evaporated milk
2 tablespoons orange sunquick
a few drops of Red Orange food coloring
enough fruit cocktail

Method :

1. Place jelly powder and water in a pot on slow fire and stir until jelly is dissolved. Add in sugar and stir till sugar dissolved.
2. Add in milk and stir on medium heat. Once it starts bubbling, remove from heat.
3. Separate 1 1/2 cups of mixture into a bowl and add orange sunquick and food coloring. Stir to mix. Pour half of the mixture into the tray and let it set 80%.
4. Then pour in the plain mixture on top of the orange layer. Sprinkle with fruit cocktail. (In case the plain mixture has set slightly, place on slow fire and stir before pouring it on top of the orange layer). Let it set 80%.
5. Finally pour the remaining orange mixture on top.
6. Let it set completely at room temperature before chilling it in the refrigerator.
7. Slice and serve chilled.


a. Do not wait until the layer is completely set before pouring the next layer, or else it will not stick. If happened, scratch surface with fork before pouring the next layer.
b. Make sure the mixture is still hot when pouring on the earlier layer so that it will stick well.

Have a nice day!


  1. Mama, well done - I can clap clap for your creativity to do variation - must be nice with fruits instead.

  2. Puding yang sangat ceria....cantik dan sedap..

  3. cantik bangat puding ni tringle lagi terbaik lah dari Mama, pasti sedap sesuai dngn rupa dia kan

  4. cantik lg menawan pudingmu itew wahai mama..terliur sehh!!

  5. cunnyer puding mama......

  6. Wow! This is looking fantastic! mniam... delicious:)

  7. Looks very delicious :-)
    Very "sedap"
    Regards Chef Kim (Variarasa Sunquick)


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