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Saturday, May 5, 2012


I had the intention to update my blog much earlier. I was thinking of 4.30 pm but time was not on my side today. I had been busy the whole morning... and afternoon too. Hmm infact, till late evening after my last shift as a driver at 10.30 pm. To make a long story short, I was busy the whole day today as I've told Kjee, I will be 'flying' in the kitchen. And my mom as usual, stayed away from my danger zone to avoid any brutal collision! InsyaAllah, I will post whatever I've made today in my coming entries. 

Seen these somewhere before? Hmmm think hard.... where did you see these? Anyway, I am so happy that these are mine!!! Thank you so much Kjee for the lovely present though it's not my birthday just yet. I'll make use of it the best possible way, insyaAllah. Mmmm... macam nak buat pizza je esok... ahaks... tetiber je... Mat, you follow??? 

When I called Kjee to let her know that I've received her gift, she was on her way to class. And she sounded so busy. At that moment, I was thinking to myself... do I sound this way each time somebody called me for I am forever busy... hahaha... now I know the feeling! 

Later in the evening, I received these lovely and yummy egg tarts from my dearest neighbour, Saerah. 

Terima kasih daun keladi 
Hari-hari hantar lagi... hihiihi.....

Good night everyone! Pleasant dreams....


  1. Mamaaa....why soo keji aaa that tart...grrrrr.....termengidam pulak dahh...

    1. Sidap Mat.. I tell you arrr.... tapi bukan mama buat sendiri.. neighbour mama bagi... hehehe...


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