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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kek Batik Arora


Practise makes perfect. I agreed to the max! I used to be fluent in English, be it in writing or conversing, especially when we were staying abroad for a good 10 years (3 years in Sri Lanka and 7 years in Malawi, Africa). Why was I fluent then? Because I had no choice but to speak in English. Nobody understands Bahasa Melayu over there except for the few Malaysians who were there during our first few years being there. Even with the housekeeper, I had to speak in English. So, whether I like it or not, I am forced to speak in English and that helps. And that also contributes to my writting in English. But now, at times, I find it hard to write. That explains the lack of ramblings nowadays! Other factor, maybe because I hardly read English books nowadays. Hmmm got to start reading English novels again huh?

But one thing for sure, when I am 'advising' or 'leter-ing' my children, I do it in English and guess what... I find no trouble at all finding words to say! Hahahaha... poor kids!


Saw this cake almost everywhere. Just can't help but to try it out myself especially after looking at Mat's beautiful cake. With hope to get something like his, I started my project yesterday. But sad to say, it didn't turn out as nice as Mat's, not even close. Huhuhu... but then, the feedback from my dear neighbour Saerah, made my day. Thanks dear!

To be honest, I don't really know the origin of this recipe. I took it from Mat's Blog. He took it from Yatie's Blog who got the recipe from Cida. Thank you to all of you for sharing the ideas and the lovely recipe.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Adapted from : Che Mat Gebu

Ingredients :

250g butter
100g castor sugar
3/4 cup condensed milk
250g flour*
2 teaspoons baking powder*(*sift together)
6 large eggs
1 teaspoon ovalette
Rose essence
4 food colorings - pink, yellow, green and blue
1/2 teaspoon chocolate emulco

Note : Mat Gebu used the following colors and essence for his lovely looking cake :

5 essence and food coloring
Orange color = orange essence
Red color = strawberry essence
Purple color = blueberry essence
Brown color = chocolate emulco
Green color = pandan paste

Method :

1. Heat oven at 180C. Grease a bundt-pan with a bit of butter and dust with a bit of flour. Remove the excess flour. Since I am using the silicone bundt pan, I skip this step.
2. In the mixer bowl, cream butter, ovalette and sugar. Add condensed milk and continue beating.
3. Add eggs, one at a time. A minute after each addition.
4. Fold in flour using a spatula.
5. Divide the mixture into 5 small bowls and add essence and coloring into each bowl. Mix well and pour into a piping bag.
6. Pipe the mixture into the bundt pan, one color at a time. Repeat the process till all the mixture is used up.
7. Bake for 45 minutes or till the cake tester, inserted into the cake, comes out clean.
8. Remove from the oven and let it cool. Cut and ready to serve.

Have a nice day!




  2. inpired by my mom kak..hahahha...
    cuma kite tambah tang 5 pewarna dan 5 perasa tu je yg menjadikannya aroraaaa...

  3. Tirrrguda ku melihatnya mamaaaa....

  4. Headlines akak mmg terbaek!. Mujurlah sy kat KSA....tapi nak kata akan fasih Arabic tuh tak lah kot....

    *The cake looks so tempting!

  5. Salam Mama. Virus Arora dah sampai sini juga, cantik beralun ler mama. I think you are doing well in your BI rambling...hehe... me too lazy to read nowadays.

  6. How true..
    When I started blogging.. I found it so hard to start writing again, especially when I haven't been reading much since graduating.
    I definitely remember the day I went for my interview to be accepted into Teacher's training, hahahaha, I couldn't utter any proper Malay except pasar version. I had to go through it with English instead. It's because I haven't been speaking in proper Malay ever since I left Secondary school. Form 6, uni, and job in the corporate world just never uses Malay, got really rusty. After one year in my training school, haha, I'm back to my old self, very fluent.
    It really takes practise, even though we were once very fluent, but it could get really rusty.

  7. Mama...u never failed to impress me! The cake looks and surely taste delicious. Can i have some? ;)

  8. aslmkm mama..cantik sgt tu..saya pun buat gak smlm tapi takde nampak batik la..macam batik lepas yg dah lusuh tu ada..hehehe

  9. Mama

    U've made it..nice! I shall wait patiently for my turn pulak arr

  10. salam ziarah...waduh jeleznyaaaa nanti nak buat gak lah bila virus R banyak

  11. Mama.. urs cantik mah.. janji colour colour and sedap dimakan.. i still dont know how it taste like cos the other day bake for my mom..

  12. Maaaa...ingat kita lgi ke..hahaa...waaa ada kek clopul lgi tu..bila la nk msuk dpur kita plak...ada lgi ke ma..nti leh bwa utk kita rsa hri ahad ni ye...muahhh..Ma..TQVM ye..cntik sngat...

  13. Hoyay!!! ramai dah buat kek ceria ni... cantek dan sedap kan....

  14. Assalamualaikum MamaFami..

    Gebusnya Kek Arora tu...Bilalah agaknya Lin nak mncuba ni...

  15. Mama...cantik kek arora tu dan pinggan tu pun, boleh tahan lawonya ek, hiiksss! Xpa la mama, nak tulis in english ke malay ke, janji mama bahagia dan org faham, kalau x faham pun, kami buat2 faham je laaa....hahaha. Mama nak tambah koleksi novel lg la yea..english version lak...hehe


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