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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Penang Char Kue Tiau

Just a quick update today as my to-do list is so long and my list of wish-to-do is of the same length! We'll see what I end up with... hopefully, I'll managed to settle at least 50% of the to-do list and try to forget about the wish-to-do! Hahaha....

Anyway, last Monday evening, my brother didn't tell me in good time, that he's coming over to fetch my mom. He only called me when he was on the way here. I normally will bake or cook something for him to bring home for my nephew and nieces. Given so little time to think, I managed to bake some puffs and cooked Char Kue Tiau Penang (first trial) for mom to break her fast. So in 45 minutes time, and considered just the perfect timing, mom managed to break her fast without having to fast extra time and I am a happy aunt to be able to pack something for her nephew and nieces. Hahaha.. do I feel like I am in MasterChef? Well, the feel is there but never in my life, imagining myself entering the contest. Will fail in the first step! Trust me! Hahaha....

I was watching this Youtube on how to fry char kue tiau and decided to give it a try, though frankly speaking, I have doubts at first. It can't be that easy and yet tasty, can it? Well, if you don't dare to try, then it will stay as a questionmark forever... so yes, no harm trying.. surprisingly, it tasted good though not as good as the Pakcik at Upin Ipin Restaurant's Char Kue Tiau. Why? Because the very same night, we went for the pakcik's char kue tiau! Hahahaha....

For the recipe, please adjust the amount of the ingredients according to your tastebuds ya. You can refer to the Youtube too for the cooking demo.

Posted by MamaFaMi

Ingredients :

1 1/2 teaspoons chillie paste
3 cloves garlic - chopped
15 pieces prawns - peeled and deveined. Boil the shells and save the stock
dark soy sauce
sweet soy sauce
salt to taste
1 packet kue tiau (flat-rice noodles)
2 eggs - lightly beaten
chives - cut into 1 inch sections
11/2 cup beansprout
oil for cooking

Method :

1. Heat cooking oil in a wok and fry chopped garlic until light brown .
2. Add prawns and sauté further.Add in chilli paste and sauté until oil breaks.
3. Add in kue tiau. Add a bit of prawn stock, dark soya sauce, sweet soy sauce and salt to taste. Stir fry quickly.
4. Push the fried kue tiau to one side of the wok. Add a bit of oil. Pour in the eggs and add a few dashes of pepper and a bit of dark soy sauce. When the egg is half cooked, mix the kue tiau evenly.
5. Add in the chives and mix well.
6. Finally add in the beansprouts, stir fry evenly and remove from heat. Dish out and serve immediately.

Have a nice day!


  1. udang lebey musti sedap punya...

    ehh.. mama punya quick update panjangnyerrrr.. hehehe...

  2. Biasa Emma makan kat penang dia jenis berair mama, but your look yummy okeh,,,laparrrrrr

  3. As salam mama...
    Eh betullah kate kak madiha tu...quick update mama panjang berjela kekekee jgn marah ma...nnt cepat tua...

    Beberapa hari lepas dok masak char kuey teow jgk bile anak2 buah dr bgn datoh tiba2 terjenguk dpn pagar. Dah siap2 masak x sempat nak snap, licin kene balun.lebih kurang mama punye juga cume xletak telur.lupa... Hehehee

  4. Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....nnt Ummi datang rumah, mama cook mcm video tu eh...cedaaaapppnyaaaaaa :))

  5. oouucchh.... drooling here... feveret, feveret ni..

  6. yum yumm.. bestnya lama tak makan macam ni.. nak minta mama masakkan la.. hihiihi

  7. sedapnya...ujan2 ni asik nak mngunyah jer..

    baru terfikir nak goreng mee ptg ni,
    tukarlah..nak buat char kuey tiowlah...

  8. wah! I'm drooling over your char kuey tiaw, ada lagi tak with extra udang?

  9. salam Mamafami.
    sedap tgk penang char kue tiau. lama tk makan.

    nak bertanya ttg cheese tart. kenapa cheese sy buat mcm tk cair sgt. kena pukul lama mana? sbb bila piping msk dlm tart. cheese tu tak terletak elok dlm tu. kena adjut dgn sudu tp still tk cun. camne nak kasi licin elok tanpa kedut tk ckup kolagen. hehe. pls advice me. bdk br belajar bt cistat. tq ya

  10. Nampak sedap betul! Thx for the recipe :-)

    Buat perancangan untuk tahun depan guna Kalender 2012 yang ni jom!


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