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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rose shaped Pau

Thank you Wendy for sharing with us this lovely idea. All the best to you in The Masterchef Final.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Source : Wendy's Red bean Spiral Pau

Ingredients :

250ml warm water
100gm sugar
¼ tsp salt
500gm pau flour (low gluten flour)
1 sachet dry yeast
50gm shortening

Red bean paste for filling

Method : (using Bread Maker)

1. Into the bread maker pan, pour the lukewarm water. Add sugar and salt.
2. Top it with flour and drizzle the dry yeast. Select the dough setting and press start.
3. When the ingredients is just combined, add in the shortening and leave the bread maker to finish the cycle.
4. Divide dough into 50gm portions.

Rose Shaped Buns by Wendy

1. Make small dough balls of 15gm each.
2. Flatten each ball and roll out flat.
3. With fingers, press the sides of the circle to make them flatter and to create ripples (uneveness) .
4. Arrange 6 pieces of flattened dough, half stacking on top of each other.
5. Start rolling from the first piece on the bottom.
6. With a chopstick, saw the roll, it will roll while you saw, creating a fatter center than the sides. Eventually it will break into 2.
7. Place rose buds upright on a piece of paper.
8. Let buns rise to double and steam on high heat for 12 minutes.

*Tip : Flatten out enough dough balls for one round of steaming before flattening out the rest. Keep dough in fridge to prevent over proofing while you slowly form the rose buds. And keep the formed rose buds in the fridge(covered) to slow down the 2nd proofing while you shape. This method does take time to complete.

Have a nice day!


  1. Hello mama...
    lama akak tak kemari...still got place? ni gara2 teruja ngan pau ni..
    (eh, tak jugaklah)...

    kreatif betol org2 ni eh?
    thanks sbb berkongsi wlp dari wendy, nanti senang nak try jugaklah...

  2. cantik nya... rasa sayang nak makan...

  3. Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...santeeekknya pau mu kita x berapa paham la tgk gambar cara Ma pulas tengkuk pau tu....camne eks...hehe

  4. salam mama...first time tgok pau macam ni pink colour lagi!!

  5. Hmmm.. how come your dough looks sort of sticky?
    Dry dusting the rolled out pieces.
    you need not "peel" the top of the roses to make them bloom.
    Just leave them as they are.
    But in the end, it's the taste that matters, right?

  6. salam Ma, owuch..cantiknya pink lagi! hmm renyah juga membuatnya, takes time nak gulung bagi jadi rupa rose tu huhu..tak serajin Ma..jawabnya umi bulatkan je mcm biasa.

  7. alamak..cantik nyer mama buat. menjadi. kalau saya buat jadi bunga kantan kelepek rasanya. hehehe... boleh ;a nila2 nak try skil kan.

  8. Hi MF. Pau biasa pun Kjee tak sempat2 nak buat, ni pulak rose shaped pau! very de rajin!!

  9. MamaFami, amboi cantik nya. Boleh buat valentine gift next year.

  10. Salam mamafami.Dah lama tengok ni kat blog wendy tapi tak brani nak buat.Tengok pulak yang ni lagi la teringin nak buat.

  11. Assalam mama! apa khabar?lama tak singgah sini...sekali ternampak pau pinky ni terus berkenan di hati..hehe cantikla...pernah buat juga pau ros ni tapi style buat tu lain skit tapi yg ni nampak menarik harus dicuba nanti..tunggu angin rajin dulula...:)

  12. salam mamafami..

    dasat..pau pn leh jadi ros ek. kalau roti lain cmne lak? hehehe..

  13. salam nak ty pau flour dan shortening tu yg mana bleh share skit gambar


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