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Friday, August 19, 2011

You'll know what I did last few days!


Courtesy of ProductiveRamadan dot Com. Thanks Jid for the link!


Jumaa mubarak to all.

These couple of days, I had been busy in the kitchen till late at night. Baking cookies. Nope, not for the house but to fulfill orders. I wasn't serious enough to take orders this year, but it all started with Mak Chu asking me to bake some cookies for the hampers she's going to distribute to her clients. And yes, I started with that and then my neighbour had asked me to bake some pineapple tarts for her, just like last year. O ok... baked for her the 200 pieces she wanted. And after that, she had asked for another 250... Ok, I think I'll managed... and then, a few other friends asked me to bake them some too. And the numbers of cookies I have to do, increases. Oh me oh my.... will I have any cookies for my own house!!!! Huwaaa.....

Anyway, just to build up my confidence.... yes mama, you can do it...chaiyokkkkk chaiyokkkk...... pengsan!

Very sorry as I don't have any new recipes to share today. But will only share what I've done for Mak Chu so far... As for the others, don't worry, insyaAllah I will try my VERY BEST to deliver on time ya. Amin amin....

Have a nice weekend!


  1. wahhh...banyak dah biskut raya mama.....
    sedapp2 la...

  2. Salam ziarah mama..dah banyak mama buat biskut yer..semua nmpak sedap jer..

  3. dah lama x buat biskut sendiri. main tunjuk2 aje, terus dapat :)

  4. wow, sedapnya, banyak kueh raya. :)

  5. Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...where's mine??? Ini makngah laaaa....nak jugak....huhuu... Byk nya daaah kuih raya dia...kita xdan nak bakor bakoor lebih...simpan setiap jenis tu utk kita tau...nnt hantar Najiha balik, kita nak Mama tunggu tepi jalan passing kat kita...nak masuk ke kawasan rumah, sah sah sesat nnt...hehehee

  6. fuyooo...byknye order...taht tart looks yummy...raya dah nak sampai dah ni...cepat2 sis..have a happy Eid ul fitr

  7. owwww... sedap nya.. boleh bau sampai sini.. kalo lah dekat, rasa nak ambush je rumah mama...


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