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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Daging Masak Kicap Berempah Kari


Had been sleeping late these past few days. Bad girl I am, yes.
No  !
Nope  !
Then what?

Hihihi... I got carried away reading a Malay novel by Areila Sahimi entitled Baju Pengantin Mak Andam. You can read the synopsis here.

When I read a novel, I will always put myself as the main character in the book, hence the feeling of happiness, the sadness, the tears, the anger and everything that the character carries. Am I being :

a. over-react
b. over-sensitive
c. silly
d. all the above
e. none of the above

You tell me.... :D


Got this recipe from Che Mat Gebu's blog. And since I don't really have all the ingredients he had used, I just cooked whatever I can dig out from my so congested fridge. I think if the fridge is able to speak, it'll scream at the top of it's voice.... RETURN ME BACK TO WHERE I BELONG ! Hahahaha.... But I guess, if it really can talk, I'll be the first to run out of the house! Imagine... a talking fridge... gulp... giving me goosebumps ! Hahaha...

Thank you Mat for sharing this recipe with us. Allow me to re-post it here the way I had 'derhakakan' your recipe. For a better looking dish, please feel free to visit Che Mat Gebu's entry

Posted by MamaFaMi
Source : Che Mat Gebu

Ingredients :

450g topside beef - sliced thinly, wash and keep aside
1 cinnamon stick
1 star anise
1 tablespoon chillie paste
1 tablespoon meat curry powder
1 inch ginger *
2 garlic cloves *
4 shallots * (to be minced)
1 cup water
3 tablespoons thick soya sauce
1 tablespoon (level) sugar
1/4 teaspoon lemon juice
1 onion sliced
1 potato - peeled, washed, sliced and fried. Set aside.
1 celery stick
1 fresh tomato - quartered
cooking oil

Method :

1. Heat oil in a pot and add in cinnamon stick and star anise. Add in chillie paste, curry powder and the minced ingredients. Fry till fragrant.
2. Add in the sliced beef and let the meat cooked. Add in water and let it boil.
3. Add in thick soya sauce, sugar and lemon juice. Stir well.
4. Finally add in the sliced onion, fried potato, celery stick and fresh tomato. Let simmer for a while and remove from heat.
5. Serve with white rice.

Have a nice day!


  1. sama lah dgn kita mama,bila dah start baca novel,dunia sekeliling pun dah tak hengat..perasan jadi heroin pulak.hehe
    pagi2 tgk daging masak kicap tu rasa nak buat pulak makan tengahari nanti..:)

  2. Salam mama! oowwwhhhhhhh patut punnn mama dah lama tak berFB! kalau tak selalu nmpk kat wall mama menghupdet status :D tak kesah ma asal mama masih bergiat aktif hihihi... daging kita suke! masak apa pun mmg suke dgn daging kecuali daging kamben :D

  3. perhhh..walaupun hitam...
    tetap menawan hatiku....

  4. Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....nak tumpang makan tghri.... Miss yooouuuuuuu...! muaaahhh..

  5. salam mama.. sedapnya nampak mama.. ita suka lauk2 gini.. tambah makan dengan nasi panas terangkat.. heheheh

  6. Assalam ma,
    wah bukan main hitam manis betul daging ni ya..kita pun macam ita, suka makan lauk ni dgn nasi panas aje dah cukup..

  7. ma..........
    ayu pun suka baca novel..
    nanti nak cari macam yang mama dok baca sinosipnyalah...

    dan............ aduh!!!!!!! daging kicap tu mmg nampak menyelerakan..

  8. sedapnya tgk daging msk kicap mama tu...saya pun suka gak masak bubuh rempah kari gitu memang sedap..:)

  9. Assalamualaikum mama..
    wah sedapnya daging tu mama... makan ngan nasi putih.. mmg sedaaap nie mama.. suka kat resipi nie

  10. helo there,sis ni la daging masak hitam nasik kandar-tambah daun kari n madu-jadi la.

    mak teh pun tgh baca buku ni-kemilau mutiara raudhah by saidatul saffa,dapat hari ibu lepas n this book[ sing to me of dreams by kathryn lynn davis ],mak teh beli ditepi jalan,tgh jenjalan in town terjumpa pak cik ni jual buku2 lama..mak aii,byknye buku2 dia,cookbook punya la byk ,ingood condition lagi,just for rm5.bekenan sbb hard cover n cantik gitu.

    bye happy dreaming


Please feel free to drop a comment or two... much appreciated... thank you!