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Monday, April 11, 2011

Jemput-jemput stok ikan bilis


I had deactivated my Facebook account last 28th February, 2011. It's been like almost 1 1/2 months, I am FB-less. How's life without FB? Well, I'm fine by that actually, though the only thing that I miss so much are my list of friends, be it old or new..... especially those who always pop-in to say hi or leave sweet, sometimes naughty, but thank God not rude, comments on my wall. All those sweet lil' things that brought colors to my wall... that, I really miss....

Pstt... but yesterday, MamaFaMi was online on Facebook, for about 20 minutes! Did anybody realise? I bet not... because mama knows when to make her silent entrance! Hahaha...

Anyway, to those who kept asking, when will I be coming back to Facebook... the only answer that I can give, at the moment is..... only time can tell.... When I read the comments left in my blog or my email regarding my disappearance, it's kinda sweet actually.... some said, they miss the photos that I normally post on my wall (but that can also be viewed in my blog), some said, they miss my status... and even sweeter... some said, they miss my good morning and good nite wishes... huhuhu.... I heart all of you..... muah.....


Mama's been behaving like a sweet housewife today! She cooked for breakfast, she cooked for lunch, do the laundries, swept and mopped the house... all sparkling nice and clean.... It's VERY RARE to get mama behaving like this... Why mama? Hehe... because dear hubby is at home! Hahaha... pecah tembelang.....

Anyway, for breakfast we had Jemput-jemput Stok Ikan Bilis. And I can't deny, it tasted good this morning.... How come? Because I'm hungry! Hahaha...

Posted by MamaFaMi

Ingredients :

2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/3 anchovies (ikan bilis) cube - mixed with hot water till dissolve
1/2 onion ~ sliced
salt to taste
enough water
cooking oil to fry

Method :

1. Mix well all ingredients except oil. Bater must not be too thick or too liquidy (liquidy? Is there any such word??? Hihihii!!!).
2. Keep aside for 15 minutes.
3. Heat oil. Take a spoonful of the bater and drop it in the hot oil. Fry till golden brown.
4. Ready to eat! Best eaten with Thai Sweet Chillie.

Note :

1. Anchovies cube can be substitute with dried anchovies. Firstly, soak some dried anchovies. When soft, pound it and add to the bater. It'll taste nicer.
2. You can also add chives and diced fresh red chillies to this recipe.


  1. Mama i agree with u...when u deactivate u r FB it takes most of the time from us and we just get hooked up there....always nice to know we r surrounded by gud people...recipe looks yum...

  2. Salam mama...ina paling rindu ngan mama punya drama..suspen x dpt ler nk booking seat dah pasni, anyway janji mama happy ina pn happy jumpa kat sini pun dah ok cuma timing kita jer x menentu utk berjumpa kat sini...thanks to kamaliah juga!!!rsanya mama tentu tahu apakah itu???

  3. mama..jemput2 ni dicicah ngan sos cili atau kuah kacang memang best kan..he..he..
    mas pun selalu buat..

  4. Kenapa mama deactivated fb?

    Sayang la....

    Harap dapat bukak fb semula...

  5. patutlah lama tak nampak mama bersiaran di fb....hmmm sedapnya nampak cucur ni suka mkn cicah sos.
    p/s:jemput singgah umah ambil poskad yer...sbg tanda kenangan dr saya..:)

  6. Salam ma.. Harap sihat sejahtera ye..
    Naz x prnh la pulak buat jemput2 guna kiub pati ikan bills.. Selalu guna ikan bilis yg real tu je laaa.. Bagus jugak idea ni. Nk try la nanti..

  7. Testing2.. One two three..

    Mcm kebetulan pulak hari ni tergerak hati nak jenguk blog mama.. Komen je lah walaupun tatau bleh sent ke x.. Tercari2 mama.. Miss u.. - Lailatul Hasnoor (laila)

  8. miss u mama..

  9. Patut la cannot cari Mama @ FB...


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