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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm sorry!

Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarokaatuh
Here's hoping that all of you are in the best of health. My sincere apologies to all my visitors for not updating the blog with new recipes or be it just the ramblings.
I am trying my hardest to settle some unfinished business. Really pray and hope that everything will be completed soonest possible. I am just too tired.
Meanwhile, my heartful thanks to all of you who still take some of your precious time off, to visit my humble blog. I appreciate it very much.

Thank you and take care!


  1. Assalamualaikum Mama cayang...ok xpa...take ur sweet time...dah setel leh update taaauu..jgn x update...kita winduuuu banget! Lama x menceceeiii dgn Mama..huhuu...Owh mencecei, mencecei, menceceiiii...(*kena lenggok Bujang Lapok nyanyi ni tau..hehhee)

  2. take care too mama... leen pun bizi... jarang dapat singgah dapur mama ni...miss u ma...

  3. oh..that's ok,dapat baca 2/3 lines pun dah ok tu,but don't b too long,
    all the best.dear.

  4. Assalamualaikum mama...busy yer patutlah dtg jengok kat sini takde entry baru...takpe take ur time ok!!!

  5. ma..semoga akan ada free utk update blog sbb saya rindu nih kt mama tiap2 hari wpun kita hanya kenal di alam siber sahaja..

  6. Mamaaaa windunyaaaaa...
    Ooo mama bz yek..takpe mama, jgn paksa diri nnti kesihatan terjejas..bwk2 rehat dn relax..update pelan2 dn bila ada free je ok..

    kita tggu je respi mama..selalu dtg skodeng...hehehehhe

  7. x pe mamafami...take ur time... cewahh...buat keja tu elok2 k...setelkan semua keja pastu leh post resepi best2 plak...he he he

  8. mamafami, settle masalah dulu dan jgn risau...kami sntiasa menunggumu mama...^__^

  9. takpe mama.... take care ya...


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