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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kuah Lodeh


Jumaa Mubaraq to all...

Often, when I chat with my cyber friends, they'll say, I have a good sense of humour and I am a very bubbly kind of person. Well, in a way, I admit I am. But to those who had met me in person, might find me a 'someone' else especially when I am in public or when I am in a crowd. I became 'timid' and 'tamed'. Some do have doubts, is this the real MamaFaMi or someone in disguise.

Honestly, I, myself don't really know why this happens. I will automatically switch into someone else depending on the situation and environment. In order for me to be really myself, it has to be in the comfort of my home and in very small group. If I am in a big crowd, even at my own home, I will be the timid and tamed type! Funny isn't it!

If you need confirmation about this matter, please feel free to ask Ummi because she had been in both situations. The first time we met was at IKEA and she had doubt about me. I didn't sound anything like how I was when chatting online with her. That's when she gave me the title "Manusia Dua Alam" Hahahaha.....


Recipe to be shared today as promised to Sherry Dzul is this dish which I cooked for the previous Eid-Ul-Adha. Thank you so much to Iza for sharing this lovely recipe with us. Allow me to post it here for the benefit of my dear visitors and also for my future reference. I will post how I had prepared the dish, depending on what's available in the refrigerator.

Kuah Lodeh
Source : Iza

Ingredients :

6 shallots - sliced
4 cloves garlic - sliced
2 inch ginger - sliced thinly
3 inch galangal - bruised
1 inch fresh turmeric - minced
4 stalk lemongrass ~ bruised

Coconut milk (from 6 coconuts)
Fresh prawns - cleaned
3 carrots - sliced jullianne
4 pieces tempe - cubed and fried
4 medium potatoes - cleaned and cut to good size chunks
Long beans
2 packets Su'un
2 sticks dried yellow tofu skin (fuchuk)
4 fresh red chillie
salt to taste
Zeal - optional
Cooking oil

Method : (my way)

1. In a pot, heat enough cooking oil. Add in ingredients A. Saute till fragrant.
2. Pour in the coconut milk. Add in the prawns, carrots and potatoes. Leave to boil, stirring once in a while.
3. When boiling, add in the rest of the ingredients except salt and zeal. Continue stirring.
4. Add salt and zeal to taste.
5. Ready to serve with Nasi Impit.

Sumber :

Bahan menumis: (mesti dimayang halus)

6 ulas bawang merah
4 ulas bawang putih
2 inci halia
3 inci lengkuas
4 batang serai

Bahan rencah (sayur-sayuran):

Santan (6 biji kepala)
Udang basah (rm1.00,kalau nak lebih boleh tambah)
1/2 kobis bulat (hiris halus)
3 batang lobak merah (potong 1 inci panjang)
6 keping tauhu goreng (belah 4 atau ikut suka)
4 keping tempe (belah2 ikut tauhu pastu goreng)
4 biji kentang (besar)(belah kecil2 pastu goreng)
1 ikat kacang panjang (potong 1 inci panjang)
2 peket suun )
2 peket fucuk ) direndam
4 biji cili merah (hiris)

Bahan perasa:

Ajinomoto (kalau suka)
Serbuk kunyit

Cara memasak:

1. Tumis bahan penumis ngan minyak secukupnya hingga wangi dan agak garing.
2. Masukkan santan kemudian bahan2 rencah dan serbuk kunyit. Kobis, kacang panjang, suun dan pucuk dah mendidih baru masukkan.
3. Rasa garam, ajinomoto dan cili merah. Rasa2 dah masak tu bolehlah tutup api tu...

Selamat mencuba....iza belajar dari mak mentua nie...apa yg dia ajar cam tulah iza perturunkan kat sini... Itu utk lebih 10 org makan....kalau tak ramai bolehlah dikurangkan kuantiti bahan tu...pepandai koranglah kan...

Have a nice and safe weekend ahead!


  1. Haiyyaa mama.. I also like u lorr.. Ingatkan sy sorg je yg mcm tu.. Geng eh kita.. hihi Gimme 5 girl..!!

    Dgn my hb mulut sy mcm x leh diam je, dgn my close frens pon sama.. Dgn chat frens kat alam maya ni kemain lg borak tapi bila jumpa diorg depends on situation.. If I'm in a large crowd tetiba jadik bisu lak mulut ni hihi Bukan apa, kita ni x suka glamer. Kot glamer sgt nanti jadik artis lak kan.. Abis artis x leh cari makan lak nanti.. ekekeke.. :p!

  2. hi mama ;-)
    thanks for sharing this recipe...tgh cari recipe ni coz ada belen nasi himpit...boleh cuba ni ;-)

  3. luna :
    Exactly! So it seems, we understand each other and I don't think we are the only two of the kind in the world. Mesti ada lagi yang macam kita kita ni kan... At times, worried juga, takut la pulak orang kata, esh mamafami ni sombong rupanya. Kat cyberworld je dia friendly. Esh, naudzubillah!

    zarin :
    Most welcome dear. Pada mama, resepi ni memang sedap. Kalau tidak, masakan mama leh ulang makan sampai habis licin kuah satu periuk tu! Dah cuba nanti, jangan lupa beritahu ye. Yang serai tu kan, resepi asal suruh mayang, tapi mama tak mayang, mama ketuk je ye..

  4. hi mama!
    i've tried it! hmmm sungguh sungguh yummy! anyway thanks again ye mama!

  5. zarin :
    So it seems, we have the same tastebuds huh? Glad you liked it. Memang sedap and yet very simple to prepare. Thanks to Iza for sharing her MIL's recipe.


Please feel free to drop a comment or two... much appreciated... thank you!