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Friday, October 29, 2010

Sambal Telur


When I posted my Egg Sambal photo on my Facebook wall yesterday, Puan Halimah had asked for the recipe. InsyaAllah will post it in THE RECIPE column.

I was browsing through my Fotopages to look for the Egg Sambal recipe and came across the entry about Mak Nah. Mak Nah was my late nanny cum grandma. Let me just copy and paste the entry here as a tribute to Mak Nah...

I've been interested in cooking eversince I was small. I think, I got this from my late nanny. She was with our family before I was even born into this world. So I'd rather address her as my grandma instead of my nanny. Mak Nah was a great cook. Whatever she cooked, they were just simply scrumptious. Not to mention all her kuihs. After working at our house, she'll make kuih to sell which were always sold out! I used to follow her home when mom had extra curricular in school. My mom is a retired teacher. And I'll sit and watch her work. I'd rather stay with her in the kitchen then play with friends. Now Mak Nah is no longer in this world (may her soul rest in peace) and I miss her so much. The last time I visited her was a year before she passed away, I kissed her wrinkled cheeks and hugged her fragile body...her last words to me..."Entah Mak Nah jumpa Ayung lagi ke tak lepas ni?" (translation : Will I ever see you again after this?) is still fresh in my mind...I just miss her so much...................


Sambal Telur


Ingredients :

2 eggs - hard-boiled
3 tablespoons chilli paste
4 shallots ~ pounded
2 garlic ~ pounded
a bit of tamarind juice
1 tablespoon sugar
salt to taste
onion ~ sliced
cooking oil

Method :

1. Heat oil and add in chillie paste. Fry till fragrant.
2. Add the pounded shallots and garlic. Continue frying.
3. Add tamarind juice and stir. If the sambal is a bit dry, add a bit of water.
4. Add sugar and salt.
5. When you are about to off the fire, put in the sliced onion.
6. Cut each egg into half. Arrange in a bowl and pour the sambal on top. You can also fry the eggs a little before cutting them. That's my Mak Nah's way of preparing her Egg Sambal.

Take care....


  1. mama, mas suka sambal telur..sedappnya..

  2. salam Ma...
    tengok sambai ni terasa mcm ada nasi lemak didepan mata lah ma.....

  3. mama

    hehehheheh, inilah resepi paling sedap..i like


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