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Friday, August 20, 2010

Cornflakes Crunchies (Jaja)


It's Friday... 10th Ramadhan... time flies. The next thing you know, it'll be Eid. At the thought of that, I can start panicking a bit. Why? Because the preparation so far is only about 10%! But insyaAllah I will manage... because I work better when under pressure! ....haha confident je!. A few friends had asked me if I've started baking the cookies. Well, I wanted to but then I still haven't bought the plastic containers to keep the cookies. Hmm when shall I go? Just too lazy to do anything today.... somebody help me!!!


Cak had requested for a Cornflakes cookies recipe. Since I haven't started doing any cookies just yet, I will re-post the recipe that I had tried years back, when we were still in Malawi...those good old days.... The recipe was emailed to me by Jaja. Thank you Jaja for sharing the recipe with me and allowing me to publish it in my Fotopages.

Ingredients :

105 g butter (I used margarine)1 cup sugar
3/4 cups self-raising flour ~ sifted
1/4 cup flour ~ sifted
1 egg yolk
raisins ~ chopped and drizzle a bit of flour to avoid the raisins from sticking to each other
cornflakes ~ crushed

Method :

1. Cream butter/margarine with sugar.
2. Add in egg yolk (if doing more than 1 recipe, the egg yolk must be added one at a time). Continue beating till fluffy.
3. Add in the sifted dry ingredients, bit by bit.
4. Fold in raisins and crushed cornflakes.
5. Scoop a bit of the soft dough and place it in a bowl of slightly crushed cornflakes. Roll the dough with cornflakes and shape into a small ball.
6. You can either place them in papercups or just arrange them on a tray.
7. Bake in a preheated oven at 170 c for about 20 - 25 minutes. Make sure you don't overbake them.

Note :

1. Sorry Jaja, I added some green and red cherries for extra color.
2. You can actually reduce the amount of sugar by 2 tablespoons.
3. I used my homemade self raising flour : 150g flour + 2 level teaspoons baking powder + a pinch of salt, to be sifted trice.

Have a nice day and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Maaaaa..npak cdpnya ckut ma ni..sahmsuk list..nk buat klu buat dlm pcup xleh ke..kna leper2 mcmm ni xbuat dlu ke..klu buat antor 10 bjik ye..nk rasa..hahaha..

  2. salam ma...mmg sdp cornflakes ni.kwn pernah kasi sy sebalang utk dicuba. mmg crunchy!

  3. benda ni sedap gila...! selalu kita buat memang tak sampai raya, makan sendiri je >:)

  4. selamat hari raya mama...miss u

  5. salam mcm biskut cornflakes lama2 tu ye ma...uhhh,sedapnye :p~

  6. Salam ma...apa khabar?? dah wat biskut raya ke buleh gak kita try nanti :)

  7. Ma, nampak sedap la sangat...anak2 kita semua suka kukis konfleks ni x pelik kalau wat 2 3 kukis konfleks punggg! hehee..nnt leh try..Ma bila nk start mengukis? Ada resepi baru tak...hehe

  8. Selamat hari raya, maap zahir dan batin..berhati2 di jalan raya, ingat2 lah kita orang kat sini kala mama menggentel biskut raya, terutama tat nenas..hahaha..adehh, tgh mengong ni...

  9. salam mama..lamanya tak pot pet dengan kamu..

    memang suker biskut cornflakes ni..tapi kalau jadi buat taklah letak benda lain sebab anak-anak tak suker..

  10. rayau2 cari recipe & ter-singgah kat ur dapur :-)
    nampak sedap! nak try buat lah


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