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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moving out?

Mama.... are you moving out?


Not really... haha... actually I had to hire this truck to help me carry all the awards that these couple of ladies had kindly passed to me quite sometime back. My sincere apologies for the delay in collecting as I was pretty tight up lately. Too many things to do in too little time...

The first award is from T of The Ugly Truth Blog. Thank you so much T for passing me another pink apron. Love it.... Big hugs to you...

Second award, the Sunshine award, came from kOi and Tina. Thank you ladies for remembering me. But hold on... this award came with a bit of homework! No pain no gain huh! Hahaha... no sweat..mama is in the mood to answer the tag at moment...

Rules of the sunshine award :
The rule of this award is as follows:

(1) Thank the person who passed you the award.

.... KOI and TINA

(2) Paste the award to your blog.
Done... with pleasure!

(3) Pass it to another 12 bloggers or more if you prefer.
I guess, most of the other bloggers had received their share of this award. But if there's anyone who has not receive this award yet, please do not hesitate to bring this award back to their blog ya. I'd be very happy....

(4) Write 10 things about yourself.
Well, I guess I had done this a couple of times before, but just for the fun of it, let me just write down again, whatever that comes to mind at this moment ya....

1. I am a Malaysian born in Malacca, The Historical State. Pergh...bangga tuh! Hahaha....

2. Born in 1966....habis dah rahsia... betapa muda diriku ini... kah kah kah....

3. Married to a very caring, loving and responsible husband in 1991 ... wah dah jack jack macam ni, agak-agak abang nak bawak gi makan angin tak? Hahaha..

4. A mom to two kids, Fatin aged 17 and Syahmi turning 15 this October. Satu SPM, satu PMR tuuuuuuuuuuu.....demam mama dia!

5. Love experimenting with food. Experimenting does not mean eating as well ya... *wink*

6. Love doing cross stitch but had lessen that activity just because I don't like to wear reading glasses! Why don't I like wearing them? Because they kept slipping down my nose! Hahaha....

7. Love travelling and visiting new places.

8. Love to watch cartoons or fairy tales movies. Why? Because it's more relaxing!

9. I can be such a chatterbox when online, but when it comes to meeting in person, then will see the situation. If the other person is far more chatterbox than I am, I tend to slow down!

10. I love colors! I guess everybody knows that! *Wink*

The next award is from Lina. It's the cute Supermom Award! Huhu.. I like it.. ahak...ahak... If only my waist is as small as the mom in the picture, I'll be the happiest mom on earth! Hahaha... Thank you Lina... thank you so much... big hugs to you.....

Last but not least, a Thank You card from ♥LOVE2COOK♥ . Thanks Love!

With that, I wrap up my entry for today. InsyaAllah hope to be able to update tomorrow.... take care!


  1. Salam mamam!! kah kah kah kah.. secepat kilat kita sampai sini ingat betul2 mama nak pindah! hihihi... mama kena bg kita mkn cc dgn air panas penat tauuu dtg malam2 niii lapo pulak perut kita :D

  2. mama, kita tgk F1 sbb tu kita secepat kilat hihihi.... tak pe minum air pun jadiklah baru lepas basuh fish tank tuuu.. :D k ma, sweet dream :D

  3. Sally pun terkejut gak tengok title tadi..ingatkan mama nak moving kemana?? dah siap pen & kertas nak catit address baru..kih ..kih

  4. ma...dah ok dah? cukup rest x? hehhe...sorilah, kita kacau aritu...

  5. salam mama...ingat nak pindah umah!! upernya pi angkut award. tahniah..byk dpt tu!!!

  6. tokojut den.. ingat nak pi mana lah tu..?? u no go far2 ek mama. heheee..

  7. Ma you deserve to have it… hugs to you too

  8. have to change your nick to adik fami cos i lagi tua than mamafami la! keke Thank you!

  9. makasih mama sudi menempek kan award kOi bagi...


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