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Thursday, May 6, 2010

French Toast with Burger & Cheese Sandwich

Assalamualaikum and hello to you... May all of us be in our best of health...

I thought I'd be able to update my blog yesterday but I was caught up with my project *wink*. Not in the kitchen this time, but in the room where I had chucked all my 'khazanah'! And in that same room, hubby had all his files kept. So I had to do my project when he's out working so that I won't get in his way. And I need some peace so that my creativity can flow easily... chewah.... macam bagus je! Hahahaha....

Anyway, remember in my previous entry, I had said that I have stories to tell. Well, I can remember this one story, but have to think hard for the other stories that I meant to tell.
To start with, let me just ask you, how will you take this message if you had received it in your handphone...
"I received a few missed calls from this number since yesterday and again just now. May I know who is this?"

That was exactly what happened. I received a few missed calls from the same number 017248XXXX. I tried to return the calls but weren't answered. So I sent the text, thinking that it might be important. And what answer did I get to the above message....
"Please call kau spe ha nk mrh aq" which I assume if written in the proper spelling, should be like this "Please call. Kau siapa hah, nak marah aku"
How rude can a person be? I don't think my message will offend someone? I thought it was polite enough but may not sounded polite to this person. This is what we get if there's no Tatarakyat subject in schools! During my schooling years, we have this Tatarakyat subject that teaches us to be a good citizen....

Still not satisfied with that rude text, I tried calling but it seems the phone was off. So I sent another sms...Siapa yang marah. Saya hanya bertanya siapa yg call sbb ada dua tiga kali missed calls. Saya cuba return call tapi nombor tak dapat dihubungi. After that, I didn't get anymore calls or messages from that particular number. I still keep that number under the name UNKNOWN CALLER. I won't call people names, because I want to be a good citizen!

I made these quite sometime back for Syahmi's dinner. Saw something like this at Watie's Blog. Didn't actually read how she had prepared those yummy looking bread. I just assumed she had done it the way I had prepared it for Syahmi. Only just now when I wanted to copy and paste her recipe that I realised, it was totally different! Hahaha... That means, I had prepared Syahmi's dinner my own way. Now, what shall I name my creation....wahhhh....kelesss gitu... hahaha... How about French Toast with Burger & Cheese Sandwich? Such a long name for a simple recipe. Who cares... as long as it's nice! So I'll stick to that name then.....

Source : Me

Ingredients :

4 pieces sliced cheese
2 pieces beef/chicken burger ~ grilled then set aside
8 slices of white bread
2 large eggs
3 tablespoons fresh milk
1/4 teaspoon white pepper
salt to taste
a bit of olive oil

Method :

1. Beat the eggs with a fork. Add milk, white pepper and salt. Mix well.
2. Heat the grill pan and grease with a bit of olive oil on medium heat.
3. Dip the bread, one at a time, into the egg mixture. Both sides covered with egg mixture.
4. Place it on the heated grill pan. Let it cook, then flip over. Once done, remove from the pan and onto a plate. Repeat the process until all the 8 slices of bread are cooked.
5. To assemble (best done while the bread is still hot), place a piece of cheese on top of a french toast. Top it with the grilled burger and another piece of cheese. Cover it with another slice of bread.
6. Slice diagonally and place on a serving plate. Enjoy!

Note :
You can also make it just with cheese or just with burger. Both are just lovely.... to me and Syahmi that is! *wink*

Have a nice day and take care!



  2. Hi Mama!!! Hru doing???

    Errr...that's so rude! Just ignore kak. Sometimes this happens..:(

    Wow, I love french toasts with cheese! ;)

  3. Salam mama!!! alahaiii mana mama pergi ni? ehehe.. kita masih lagi misi mencarik daging burger ramly sbb ada dgr2 ada jual kat sini nanti dah jum@pa mmg kita buat sume resepi yg melibatkan daging burger ni KALAU rajin lah kan hihihi.. sedapnyer ma tgk cis yg meleleh leleh tu.. haih!

  4. Maaaaaaaa...lama rsanya xmnjerittt..hihi..cdpnye Ma...simple but look yummyyyy..miss u...

  5. assalamualaikum ma..serupa kes saya pun.sapa penah bagi pendapat kat satu blog tapi dibalas dengan hinaan lagi..entah la manusia jenis mcm ni.resepi yang simple.sodap tetibe mood melayang bile bace kisah mama ni.entah knapa manusia jadi rude camtu..aishh

  6. ooww.. sangat lah sedap tu..

  7. adoii this is indeed lip smacking ma!

  8. sedapnya mama... droolingggggggggg...

  9. Hello Mamafami, I have mentioned it before, women like you are bachelors.
    I would have remained a bachelor longer and made more women happy instead of one too.

    But nobody taught me nor warned me about women who can cook. And saya kena sangkut big time when a lady trapped me with her cooking.
    Macham haruan in a net! Arhaaaa ha ha.

    And Mamfami, you sure can cook and your this French toast is a real killer, habis cherita bila masuk mulut.
    By the way, where were you when I was handing out my resume? *Wink*.
    You have a nice day, stay young, stay beautiful and simpan satu lagu dalam hati, Lee.

  10. esok sah bin sohih bentou danish! xde idea lain dah nak pikir kecuali roti!! hahahaaa... sonang kirejerr!

  11. salam ma..baru mokwo dok sejuk2 lepas minum cendol umah maz bahrain, baca crite ma jadi mcm nak gelegak cam ni sememangnye cukup miskin dgn budi bahasa..wat a pity!
    ni kira kena makan barang 4-5 keping loti baru mokwo bleh cool down nih!..heheh

  12. salam mama,
    you just gave me ideas to serve
    burger in sandwich bread..that was brilliant lagi2 tak terfifkir pulak boleh chnage to roti sandwich, cos, asik fikir, burger must go with burger breads..hehe..this few days tak ada buat kuih for breakfast, this could be saviour!!..thanks mama.

  13. Ma, thanks for sharing such a nice recipe. Nak buatkan untuk anak :)

  14. Salam mama..
    best ni msti kids suke tapi kena tuka burger kepada sosej:)..


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