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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bihun Singapore & Award from FiDa

Source : Hanieliza. Thank you kak..

Ingredients :

600g rice noodles ~ soak till soft
200g prawns ~ cleaned
200g squid ~ sliced
Bok choy ~ cut to small pieces
1 carrot ~ cut thinly
3 tablespoons cooking oil
salt to taste
enough water

To be minced :

1 tablespoon blackpepper corn
1 shallot
3 cloves garlic

To garnish :

1 egg ~ made into omellette, slice thinly
2 fresh red chillie, sliced

Method :

1. Heat oil and add in the minced ingredients.
2. Add in prawns and squid.
3. Add carrots and cook till slightly soft. Add salt to taste and enough water.
4. Add in the soft rice noodles and stir.
5. When the noodles are nicely mixed, add in bok choy.
6. When serving, sprinkle the top with sliced omelette and fresh red chillie.

I received this award from dear FiDa@aMiDa all the way from Al-Barsha, Dubai, UAE. Thank you so much Fida. Though I am not that TOP unlike all the other sifoos, I humbly accept your gift. So sweet of you Fida to think of me...

Have a nice day!


  1. Slmlkm MamaFaMi...
    It's been quite long since d date I started following ur blog.. Lots of recipes here I've tried 4 my family -esp cakes. We enjoyed d taste n appreciated d recipe that U shared wt us. Thank U again. Halalkan yer... 4 Bihun Spore, d recipe is so simple, yet very nice! May God bless U n wsslm.

  2. Salam Mama..
    nampak sedap la..
    lama dah akka tak emnggoreng bihun..
    ada lagi takkk...

  3. salam ma..mmm jamu kat sini je la..bila hubby tak suke bihun masak pun tak semangat..walauppun tukang masak sukeee bihun..

  4. salam mama

    wow mengancam abis bihun singapore tu..

    harap mama sudi2 singgah blog ambil top blogger 2010 award ya..tq

  5. Ma...bhun tu ada ke dah abis..klu ada nk p mtak la..tngu dpn pagor ye..hihi..laporrrr..xthu nk maman apa mlm ni..ehhh..xjdi lah..kang kakummi nangis plak...

  6. Salam mama...lapo niiii...bihun ada lagi ke...huhuuu

  7. Salam kenal ma, uishh nampak sedap nyer.

  8. waduh2...mama tayang meehun putih nih! fac no1 kita ni meehun spore..sodap erhh kalu hadap ni leh licin 2-3 piggan :P


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