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Monday, March 8, 2010

Chocolate Milk Shake

Are you 'thirsty' for my updates? Or are you 'thirsty' as of thirsty? Whichever it is, let me just quench your thirst with this. I've forgotten where I got the recipe from, but will update it here, if I manage to find the source. Anyway, thank you to the owner of the recipe. I can't write much today, at least not this morning. We'll see this afternoon. Meanwhile, take care and enjoy!!!

(for 1 serving)

Ingredients :

1 cup fresh milk
3 scoops chocolate ice cream

Method :

1. Pour milk into a blender. Add in the icecream.
2. Blend for about 2 minutes.
3. Pour into a tall mug and sprinkle with a bit of cocoa powder.
4. Serve immediately.

To my honey bun sugar pop lollipop Darling Hubby....with lots of love from mama, Fatin and Syahmi....


  1. ma kita dah smpai dpn pagar ni..hausnyeeee...kita tngu ma dpn taman tu ye...bwa 1 jug ma...

  2. sedapnye choc milk shake....
    tetiba tengat banana milk shake

  3. epi besday wat hubby akak! hausnyer kakkkk! nak buat aiskerim tadak! num sini dululah!!

  4. kak...panas2 ni harus asik nak minum ais jekkk...aiseyman!aiskrim cekelat lak takde...nak kena beli ni...huhu...

  5. hhmmm... kena pulak buat petang ni.. kecoq dah mulut ni..

  6. nak beli eskem la...terlioq da tgk pun ma....

  7. Happy Birthday to Ur hubby kak!!! :)

    Wow, what a coincidence! I made Choc shake too :)

  8. salam MamaFaMi,
    menyegarkan ni chocolate milk shake-nya...

    Happy Birthday to U'r hubby

  9. Chocolate milk shake looks sooooooo cool..happy b'day to your hubby!!

  10. salam Mama.. Yat boleh buat ni...aiscream tu lagi ada tu..tapi belum survey dalam ice cream box tu..manalah tau kot tinggal setotet let & budak2 tu simpan balik ker...


  11. Salam MamaFami
    sedapnya..ais blend ni
    nak nak musim panas gini..
    tapi kena tunggu habis pantanglah..

  12. Ma, sori x perasan..igt citer air jek..rupanya besday cik abang eh..Happy belated Birthday to him..May you both be blessed and stay happy forever...Moga kasih sayang dia bertambah2 jgk tuk Ma dan anak2..Em, Ma kasi hadiah apa? hehee...


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