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Monday, February 22, 2010

Savory Tartlets

My schedule had been pretty hectic for the past 2 weeks. That explains the lack of updates in this blog. At times, I have to steal some time to check my mails and at the same time, clicked on my blog just to see if it needs my urgent attention.... hihii... just to make it sound important, but the truth is, there's nothing much! Hahaha....

We came back from our holiday in Malacca last Wednesday. Hubby was on leave for the whole week. I'm loving it! If only he does not have to go to work, it'll be just great! Why? Because whenever he's around, I will be his faithful companion. Everywhere he goes, he'll ask me to go with him which I will obediently gedik-ally follow. Though at times, I am drained out towards the end of the day, but I just love it. Forget the tongkang pecah house for a moment and cheerish the makan angin time!

Last Saturday night we went to Big Plate, Shah Alam for dinner. Just to give the kids a treat, especially Fatin before she goes back to her hostel. This time, I ordered just the Kiddy's Meal. Why? I told hubby, let me have a small portion of my main course, so that I can 'help' them to finish up their leftovers, mainly vegetables! I just love the vegies! But when my fish and chips plate came, supposedly a small one, for kids that is, I was shocked to see the size! I told hubby, if this is the size for a kid, I am very sure the kid is an obes kid! Hahahaha.... Since I didn't expect my 'kiddy's meal' is of that size, I ordered Mushroom soup as well. Wow... they served the mushroom soup like how I had served mine before, in a dug up bread! Only thing, they didn't cheat. They actually served the soup in the bread where else I served the soup in a plastic container, then hid it inside the bread! Hahaha... I love the mushroom soup and also my BIG glass of watermelon juice! Yummyyyyy!!!! But honestly, this time round, we love the food served.....

Enough said, now let's move on to the recipe to share. I had made these savory tartlets for the first time, to fulfill Sal's order. Thanks to Ana for being my talian hayat. And thanks Sal for your continuous support and trust though at times, whatever I said I am able to do, turned the other way round... that will be revealed in my upcoming entry... stay tuned!


Ingredients :

240 g all purpose flour
45 ml cool water
150 g cold butter - diced
pinch of salt

Method :

1. Mix flour and salt.
2. Rub in the flour and butter to become breadcrumbs
3. Add in cool water and fold till well mix and turn to dough. Set aside for 15 minutes.
4. Press the dough into tart mould. Poke the base with fork.
5. Bake till done. Keep in airtight container and they will last longer.


Ingredients :

1 big can of mackerel sardine - drained and crushed
1/2 big onion - diced or chopped
1/2 inch ginger - finely chopped
enough mayonnaise

sliced red chillies and chopped spring onion for garnishing

Method :

1. Mix crushed mackerel, onion and ginger in a heated pan untill the water dessolved.
2. Set aside to cool.
3. Mix well with mayonnaise before place them into tart shell.
4. Garnish with sliced red chillie and chopped spring onion.


  1. mama..dtg kt area umah kita senyap2 yek..hehhehehee. bila nk dtg umah jun ni? ajak maz skalik ye...mkn2 kt umah jun, tp small plate jek..hihi

  2. ma apa rsa tart mcm tu ye..xprnah mkn..jakun..hihi..waaaaa ada jmputan dri kjun tu..

  3. Owhhh..Jun n Maz nk komplot dgn Mama ya...ajak Ummi sekalik..hehe..ate jauh tul kita ni haa..Ma, menggoda betul tart mu mst bwk blk Melaka tabur kat tekak2 org kampung..huhuu..naaaaakkkk!!

  4. Salam mama! kak jun! tak mo ajak kita kewww kita nak plate besor lah kan kek harus ada :P hihihi.. mama! sedapnyerrr tart! kita mmg antu dgn tart2 ni tp masih belum sampai seru nak buat :D kalau ma dekat kita order jer ma :D

  5. Salam ma..

    tch tch tch..mmg sibuk betullah dia ni..sampai masa pun terpaksa dicuri2...kena pulangkan balik tak masa tu? hahaaa - luv QJ>

  6. salam mamafami, well you sure make it look easy! ty 4 sharing :)

    p/s al-fatihah to arwah 'ABAH'.

  7. yumm yumm.. singgah sini mesti kecur air liur.. nak tido pun rasa lapaaarrrr..!!!

  8. tak kire!!! tak diundang pun nak jugak menjoinkan dirik!!! mama,k maz jangan tinggalkan daku yerk!!!

  9. Salam mama. Wow this is another irresistable onnes... love on the 1st sight... ok, masuk list dulu...tq

  10. Slm Mama,

    The tartlets look very yummy la..well done ;)


  11. What a gorgeous tartlets U've made! I want some tooo ;)

  12. Selalu makan tart jenis tart savory mesti sedap ni...

  13. Hrmmm bila lah nak rajin meng"tart" lak ni!!!Nampak cam senang....ada rajin ka???

  14. wahhh.. sedapnya ma... nak dua tiga ketol leh? kalo bagik sepolo ketol lagik bagusss! hahahaha! jiya tak rajin nak wat tart2 ni.. tp rajin makan. :P

  15. adussss sedapnyer yg nehhh! nanti2 klu rajen nk buat lah!!

  16. Jun :
    Ala Jun, sorry ler. Ma pergi sana pun dah lewat. Dah kol 10 masa tu. Unplanned actually. Saja nak bawak the kids for a treat of steak. Wah, ini sudah bagus, dapat pelawaan! Mmm kalau small plate, leh mintak 2 plate tak? Tu untuk makan, pas tu 3 plate bungkus.... hihihihi... terus Jun cancel invitation!

    maz :
    Tart tu sedap tau Maz. Tu, Jun dah jemput, Maz berani drive ke sana tak? Ma follow berani aaa... ahaks...

    Ummi :
    Jun ajak yang dekat dulu ler... Yang jauh jauh ni, nak kena buat special appointment. Kami yang dekat ni, boleh main terjah je! Ahakss..... Tarts tu, Sal dan Ain yang order lerrr....

    ijayuji :
    Waalaikumussalam Ika. Ini lagi sorang. Awak tu kalau nak join, lagi lak, kena naik kapalterbang! Senang je nak buat tarts ni Ika...cubalah....

    QueenJah :
    Waalaikumussalam QJ. Tu la kan, sib baik curi harta sendiri... kalau curi hak orang, dah nak kena pulangkan dan mintak maaf sebab mencuri! Kih kih kih.....

    Deliah's Deli :
    Waalaikumussalam. It is easy dear... just need a little bit of patience though...* wink* *wink*
    Thanks for the Fatihah ya...

    MULAN :
    Lenkali mari sini petang petang sket ye... kalau lapar, leh terus dinner je... ahaks...

    Fiza Nordin :
    Alamak... tak tahu nak jawab... over to you Jun! Hihihi...dah macam main badminton lak.. ada service over! Hahaha...

    HomeKreation :
    Waalaikumussalam Along. Do give it a try dear, you won't regret!

    Yat Maria :
    Waalaikumussalam Yat. The taste is yummy as well you know!

    ♥LOVE2COOK♥ :
    All gone la Love. Mama pun makan 2 keping aje! Hahaha...

    Kmal :
    InsyaAllah sedap tau...

    Watierman, rmanbkr :
    Watie ni memang selalu unpredictable. Silap haribulan, by the time I'm typing this reply, the tarts are being served at your dining table!

    Jiya :
    Tok sah kata dua tiga ketol Jiya... setengah ketol pun dah tak de. Bih cemano!

    hana :
    Mesti rajin punyalah!

  17. salam mamafami...nak komen kena kat sini..kat atas tak nampak tpt nak komen..hemmm nak datang situ lagi seganlah..
    tapi nanti leh janji dengan jun dan maz pakat serbu rumah kamu..

  18. Hello. And Bye.

  19. cari2 resipi filling cistat... terjumpa entry mama yg ni... teringat kita pun dah lama tak buat savoury tart... dah lebih 2 tahun. teruja nak buat lagi...


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