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Monday, February 8, 2010

Meat Loaf & Story of a flower

Thank you so much for the feedbacks on the previous entry. I really appreciate each and everyone of it. And my apologies for dragging some of you into my world of curiosity! Hihihi.... Okay, here's the story behind the making of this flower... mmm I can now call it flower as most of you sees it as a flower and not sotong sutun.

I received an email from Am asking me if I am able to bake for her some cupcakes for her primary school re-union on the 6th February. Since I don't have any commitment on that day, so I said, why not...only if she does not mind my amateur deco. Then she gave me her list. She wanted :

25 carrot cupcakes...oh senanglah itu I think I should be able to cope with that, just pipe some carrot shape.. yes yes I can manage....phew what a relief!
and 25 chocolate cupcakes... oh ok, that should be easy.... and the theme is sun kacang je tuh...ok, I can do sun... and orchid....

WHATTTT? ORCHID? on earth am I going to do orchid! Am said, just do a simple orchid... huhuhu.. simple? Oh me oh my, now I AM in trouble. So I googled and found one youtube showing how to pipe orchids with buttercream. The way she did it, it looks easy. I said to myself... mama, take this as a challenge. Be confident and go for it. Mama can do it.... mak ai, cakap beriya, mentang-mentang dah lepas.. hahaha. On the 5th, I baked the cupcakes and iced them. I saved the best for last. Took a deep breath and started piping the so called orchids, my way. Had to adjust the method slightly to suit my comfort and wallah... ended up with the design shown in my previous entry. I'm kinda satisfied with the end result, but at the same time, wondering... will others see it as ORCHID? That's why I had put up the previous entry to see what others had to say. Before that, I had shown the photo to a few friends who came online and asked them what they think? And all of them said, it's ORCHID. You don't know how well I slept that night as I know that I've accomplished my mission. The only worry now is whether Am sees it as orchids or something else. I had sms-ed Am and said, if her friends said it does not resemble an Orchid, just tell them, this is THE RARE SPIECES! Hahaha... So Am, thank you for ordering from me and hope the cupcakes suit your taste.....

Specially for Am aka Epelijau and ex-students of Standard 6 Orchid...

And these are fast sale for Aisyah who bought these for her aunt to taste. If the taste is right, then she'll place her order, otherwise... thanks for buying these cuppies Aisyah..

As promised, I'll post a recipe that I've tried recently, to go along with the Burger Rolls that I've made. Non other than this Meat Loaf, promoted at Ummi's Blog. The recipe came from Chef Norzailina Nordin. Thanks so much to both chefs for the simple and lovely recipe. Though the photo of my burger is not as yummy looking as Ummi's but the taste is simply yummy! Allow me to re-post it according to what I've done based on whatever's available in the fridge.


Ingredients :

400g minced meat
2 tablespoons meat curry powder
1 egg
60g breadcrumbs
1 cup pizza sauce (I used Kimballs Traditional spagetti sauce)
4 pieces sliced cheese
1 tablespoon blackpepper sauce
salt to taste

Method :

1. Mix minced meat, curry powder, egg, breadcrumbs, pizza sauce, blackpepper sauce and salt in a bowl. Mix well.
2. Pour half the meat into a loaf pan. Press the mixture onto the pan.
3. Arrange the sliced cheese on top and pour the rest of the meat into the pan.
4. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 C for 45 minutes.
5. Remove from the oven and let it cool.
6. Slice to serve with burger rolls, lettuce, tomato and just anything that you like.

Care for a bite? Just don't bite me okay... hahaha...

Please help baby Ammar. Please visit Ammar's mom's blog to know the full story. Thank you for your time and support.


  1. Salam mama..
    hehe kite pon mcm nk teka bunge okid terteka..
    cantek je kite suke..

  2. haha...see see...kan am dah kata...ok...cantik...and my frens loved the cakes...
    And the word Orchidians rock tu sgt nostalgic laa mama...hihihi....TQ VM...!!

  3. Salam Mamafami....I wish I have your creativity.....I nak wat roses tu pun tak lepas2 lagi...nak kena practise lagi ni...!

  4. ma..seb baek mama mentioned orchid, if not i would say bunga talang..wakakkaa...jgn mare, sbb ternampak2 lg bunga kat umah maz tu..benih tu? wahaha...semalam br clear tempat nk tanam..tanam tu nnti lah tunggu rumput tu naik semula, heheh

  5. Kembang cantik je bunga orkid mama tu...guna baja ape...

  6. hi mama..lina nak mintak quotation utk cupcake yg ni leh nnti mama leh tak emailkan kat utk 500 pcs..lina tgh survey2..tenkiu..:)

  7. salam mama..mmg cantik banget deco cuppies tu seme! kalu saya bukan lg rupa bunga tp dh jd cam rupa avatar kot! hehe..

  8. laaaa... orkid ker mama? ingatkan cala lily.. kikikiki! habis kena poton 2 markah.. nak meatloaf lehh?? delivery pls.. hehehe

  9. cantik2 design cuppies mama..congrate!


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