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Friday, December 4, 2009

Udang Goreng Nestum

Not much to write as I am not feeling well at the moment. I slept most of yesterday's evening. I had headache and feeling feverish. I just hope that today it will be something better....

The recipe to share today will be this easy yet tasty prawn recipe, cilok-ed and modified from Rinn's Fotopages. I had to substitute the oats with nestum, hence the change of name. I didn't realise that I ran out of oats. But I still want to try out the recipe, just because I've marinated the prawns. So I went for Nestum and it wasn't a wrong move! Haha.... Let's see what damage I had done....


Ingredients :

Prawns ~ cleaned
Turmeric powder
Salt to taste

Method :

1. Mix prawns, turmeric powder, salt and flour.
2. Coat the prawns with Nestum.
3. Deep fry the prawns till golden brown till crispy.

Hope all of you will have a nice and safe weekend. Take care of yourself and each other...

Warmest regards,


  1. udang goreng nestum is my favourite! thanks for sharing the recipe. the pictures makes it really delicious. nice blogs!

  2. Hello MamaFami, regret to read you not feeling well. You should have worn something warmer last night when going for that moonlight walk, ha ha. Just kidding.

    Mamfami, ask someone to go to a Chinese medicine shop, buy a packet of 'Hor Yan Hor'....yes, I know it sounds like Tarzan calling for his monkey....
    it is a herbal tea, made in Ipoh, very well known.
    Good for feverish conditions. Coughs and colds too.
    Not sure about broken hearts though, ha ha.

    Its cheap....sold here too. Make sure check label made in Ipoh, not HK or China.

    If you get it, pour hot water over a packet and minum, then lie down.
    Try it, Mamafami....its good. Anytime tada feel good, drink a cup....its just herbal tea.
    Wishing a a quick recovery, Lee.

  3. tuko ngan sambal udang kita nak tak ma? ala bleh laaa....sini susyah tol nk jumpa nestum! oat tk brape minat plak! huhuhu

  4. ma.... cantik new skin.
    suka sukaaa

    -daily dgr radio via ur fp-

  5. salam ma..cantik wallpaper baru.. sweet jer..
    nor dtg nak ceduk resipi roti ya.. tq

  6. aduh, sedapnye udang2 ini..
    haritu wani buat buttered prawn n tambah sket nestum. resipinye lebih kurang sama ngan resipi ni. main campak2 aje. hehe

  7. Salam Mama cayangggg...alahaiiii sampai terdemam2 duk mengecat rumah baru nak sambut Xmas kaaa..hahaa..Ha, tu ikut nasihat U.Lee tu tauuu..try je la Ma..alahaaiii cian lak dgr..udang tu kalau x lalu makan, pass kat Ummi la eh..muaaahhh..You take care eh! Get well soon!

  8. Ma!! cantik teramat wajah baru nie!!! nanti bagi tutorial yea...

  9. Ma!! cantik teramat wajah baru nie!!! nanti bagi tutorial yea...

  10. Ma!! cantik teramat wajah baru nie!!! nanti bagi tutorial yea...

  11. Salam MAMA!!!! missss u like crazyyy dgn roti2 mama tu sume :D hihihi.... mama sihat ke? udang kita mg suke dgn specis laut2an ni :D mama! kita dah buat kopi bun tu ;-) sedap!!!!! toink3!!!!

  12. Makk aiii...besau nya udang, berlingkauu...tu saja lah, nak bagi kita gatal, mentang2 aku alergi udang...sabauu jeee laahhh.....

  13. Hi mama,
    hopefully you'll be feeling better by the time you read this. I have a little question for you. Inspired by a recipe from here I've made a few batches of paratha over the last couple of weeks but I need some advice! What's the best way to fold them after you add the filling? You can't just fold in the edges on top or you end up with very thick dough on one side and very thin on the other. Is there a special technique? I bet so. Perhaps next time you make them for yourself you could do a little step by step photo guide?
    I guess this is the kind of simple trick that everybody you know is aware of. There aren't so many people to ask here in England though!

  14. ma, ada betui kata mr.lee tu ma..cuba minum ho yan hor tu sbb tu hari kita g ipoh npk kedai ho yan hor, ingatkan nama kendai tapi nama teh herba...elok utk selsema..itupun zai yg bagitau.

  15. Tu bukan damage namanya...itu improvise... Tak de rotan, akar pun berguna. Tapi jgn ler pulak gaul dengan pasir kalau oats n nestum tak de.... hu hu hu...


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