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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fried Maggi

Yesterday, something that hardly happens to us, did happen! We were at home all day long! It's very rare to see us sticking at home when hubby is around. Normally we'll just go for a ride even for 10 minutes, but not yesterday. And I felt sick.... hahaha... I guess I am allergic to hubby being at home and cooped up! If I were to stay at home without him around, it is just fine, not feeling sick or whatsoever! Hahaha... I am just too much, am I not! Not that I can't drive, but I actually enjoy myself more, going out with him... even just to the nearby shop...

After dinner, he had said, come let's go for a ride. Soon as I'm done with the kitchen, the live telecast of the final Piala Malaysia was on. Kelantan vs Negeri Sembilan. So we cancelled out programme and were glued to the television. I was not only glued to the TV screen but at the same time at my laptop screen. Doing as many things at one go! *wink* *wink* Congratulations to Negeri Sembilan for winning the Cup. They showed a lively game yesterday. It's only what the spectators did, that actually spoils the mood. In future, to those without sporting spirit, do stay at home and watch the game from your tv sets... then, no harm will be done. And if any, then it won't be showing on RTM!

Photo and news courtesy of Utusan Online

An easy kapeasy recipe to share today will be this Maggi Goreng. When I said this, I can still remember what Meen's reaction was when I showed her the photo.... "Maggi goreng je ma!!!" Hahaha... nasib baik ada maggi goreng, kalau tak de langsung, tak kebulur semuanya! Hahaha... at times, we need simplicity! Hihihi...bagus tak punya alasan! Anyway, thank you to Hana for promoting and Blackjack of MyResipi for the recipe. But I made a slight adjustment to the recipe. I used whatever's available in the fridge.

Source : Blackjack of MyResipi

Ingredients :

1 egg ~ slightly beaten

2 garlic - minced
2 shallots ~ sliced
1 teaspoon chillie paste
2 packets Maggie Curry flavour ~ just the noodles
1 packet of seasoning (found in the maggie Curry packet)
chinese cabbage
Carrots ~ sliced thinly
1 cup water
fish cakes, fish balls ~ sliced
a bit of oil

To garnish :

fresh red chillie ~ sliced
crispy fried onion
spring onion

Method :

1. Heat oil in a skillet . Add in egg. Stir to form scramble eggs. Remove from heat and set aside.
2. Heat oil and add in garlic. Sautee till fragrant and add in chillie paste and shallots. Add in the fish balls and fish cakes.
3. Add in the maggi seasoning with a bit of water. Stir till fragrant.
4. Add in th hard vegetables. Pour in water. Let it boil.
5. Put in the maggi noodles and stir till the water dries up and the noodles soften.
6. Add in the leafy vegetables and scramble eggs. Stir to mix.
7. Remove from heat and garnish with fresh red chillie, crispy fried onion and spring onion.

Have a good day!


  1. Salam mama!! maggi goweng dah sampai sini, nak mintak mama punyer maggi ya sbb maggi kita dah kena catu sekali jerrr masak pastu tunggu berbulan bulan baru masak lagi hihihi....

  2. ma...wpon aritu dh makan, tp tk puas! nk mintak jugak yg ma punyer! masin pon masin la!! hahaha

  3. ijayuji :
    Waalaikumussalam. Tu la kan, kalau dok obersi, maggi sebungkus tu pun berharga sungguh kan...

    hana :
    Ala baru realise la... mama rasa ma tersilap boh perencah tu la, terlebih... patutlah masin berdenting... sib baik tak ting tong kepala ni! Aduhai, macam mana leh tersilap. To make things worst, mama memang tak kuat masin!

  4. salam mama...thanx sudi mengunjung blog kite yg x seberapa tu kalo nak banding ngan blog ni, best lg blog ni...hehehe....kite link yer.... :)

  5. mama...adohai....nape sume owg dok buat maggi goreng nih! jelesnye sy... kat umah nie dh la kekontangan maggi, nak kena catu je... siannye....nak tumpang makan kat umah mama je la!


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