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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nonama Cookies? Contest?

I need help from all of you, whoever can spare some of their time and creativity to help me name this cookies that I've created. I was so excited to edit the photo to show to a friend of mine when I realised that I have no name for it, yet. I know I have creative friends out there who can help me give it a name besides NONAMA COOKIES at the moment. If you wish to help, please fill in the form and who knows, if the name you've given is chosen, you might get to taste the cookies! Is this a contest mama....well..... lu pikirrr la sendiri.... hahahaha....

This naming game will be on for a week, till next Friday insyaAllah Due to overwhelming response from all of you, I shall shorten the period of the game until this Monday, 12 midnight Malaysian time, so that we can sort out the names and start with the poll... and at the same time, reducing the guilty feeling that I will be having for not being able to choose all the lovely names you' ve suggested. To be fair, that I am not being bias, I think, there'll be a poll for the best name, nominated by all of you my lovely visitors. But that depends on how many names I get. I hope I will get a lot of participants... amin....

Ingredients : Flour, baking powder, castor sugar, margarine, egg, hazel nut, almond nibs, cooking chocolate

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Note : If you have problem submitting this form, just email me your answers ya. The email address is Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thanking you in advance,


  1. salam ma..
    taktau la my participation dah diterima or not, kalu x boleh akak jawab di sini? (takmo kalah lagi org tua nih):
    my suggestion is night venus or kejora malam
    uih, ganaz tak bunyinya..

  2. salam mama, boleh x mama letak ingredientnye sekali...nak tau gak bhn2nya, baru leh kasik nama...hehehe

    nak join gak kontes nih!

  3. alamak ma.. jid tak pandai nak try buat sendiri.. what if jid order dari ma je kan? besar pahalanya kalu tolong insan yang memerlukan dibulan puasa ni ma...keh..keh..keh... (lepas mama bakar cookies tu baru jid rasa bersalah lagi)... masuk dengan order cup cake skali ya nanti.. hehehehe...

    ma... thanx a bunch! for all ur effort ya.. really2 appreciate it... and memang sumenya maverles and lovely..(ikhlas ni)... (",).. mmwahhhh...

  4. kita nk tukang makan jerk! boley tak??! hehehehe.... haah la ma, bhn2nyer apa? cam almond london y\tu yer?

  5. maybe bley letak Nutty Choc Cookies? sedappnyeee

  6. Hi MamaFami, Midnight delight? Ha ha. Lee.

  7. Salam MamaFaMi,
    Nak jugak join contest ni.... tapi bila submit guna form yang ada kat dalam n3 tu.... ada kuar this msg "Sorry, the form id you provided is invalid." So.. How? Ke atau contest ni dah closed?? :(

  8. yesss..betul tu MyHasla,
    Mamafami kena adil ler..
    takper kita try jer guna ruangan komen nih!
    untung2 terpilih, raya ni dpt ler sebalang kuih tu free..
    boleh kan mama?

  9. QueenJah :
    Waalaikumussalam kak. Thanks for your suggestion. Kita dah masukkan dalam list untuk dishortlist oleh para juri kita, then insyaAllah a poll is on it's way ye. All the best!

    Fa'e :
    Waalaikumussalam Fa'e. Done!

    Jid :
    Budak Jid ni tau, lain orang suruh buat, lain yang dia buatnya. Kita suruh dia bagi nama, dia bagi kita order ler plak. Hahaha... InsyaAllah nanti mama buatkan ye... Thanks for trusting in me *wink*

    hana :
    Mak Yong jangan makan lelebih, nanti lebih muatan! Hehehe... Ingredients dah ma boh tu...

    Elylinn :
    Mama dah senaraikan suggestion Elylinn tu ye. Thanks for participating.

    Uncle Lee :
    Nasib baik MIDNIGHT DELIGHT...kalau COFFE BLENDED, macam mana tu? Dalam ingredients tak ada coffee pun. Hahaha... Dah masukkan Uncle Lee punya suggestion ya. Thanks for lending me a helping hand or shall I say, a helping brain... keep well Uncle Lee.

    MyHasla :
    Waalaikumussalam Has. Sorry ye, form mama ni tak tahu mana silapnya. Dia elok kejap, pas tu dia kantoi balik. Has email je la ye.... Sorry sorry sorry....

    QueenJah :
    Nak try to be as adil as possible la ni. Sehinggakan nama-nama ni pun, ada para juri yang tentukan tau....


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