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Friday, July 31, 2009

Beef Dalca

Oh me oh my, I really took my own sweet time to update on the 'partner' of my Nasi Bukhari that day. Thousand apologies to everyone. To say that I am very busy, I don't think so because I still have time to play the Bubble Game at the end of this page! Hahaha... I always love to play games like these. Other than Bubbles, I love to play Tetris and Doctor Mario!

I first started to like these sort of games when hubby brought home the Brick Game thingy. That time, I was like 7 months pregnant with Fatin. I really got carried away playing and the game will always be by my side. Hahaha... you guys must be saying, no wonder the kids are addicted to games. But mind you, the one who is addicted to PSP, PS3 and of it's kind is Syahmi, not Fatin! So the blame is not on me! Hahahaha....

Anyway, to cut short my nonsense, let me just post the recipe that I cooked to go with the Nasi Bukhari. Whether it's the right combination or not, one thing for sure, both the rice and the gravy are no longer to be seen! Thank you Kak Liza for the lovely recipe of Dalca. I made a slight adjustment to the recipe. I used beef instead of mutton. To get a better and mouthwatering photo of this dish, you can buy Kak Liza's SENANGNYA MEMASAK KAMBING (pages 8 and 9) from the nearest MPH or you can contact directly to Kak Liza. I am sure she'll be more than willing to entertain you....

Source : Kak Liza

Ingredients A :

600g topside beef
1/2 cup dhal ~ boil till soft
4 cups coconut milk (from 1/2 coconut)
3 tablespoons beef curry powder
1 tablespoon ghee (I used butter)
3 tablespoons cooking oil
salt to taste

Ingredients B : Cut to small pieces

3 potatoes
5 pieces long beans
1 carrot
4 green chillies
2 tomatoes
1 onion
2 round brinjals

Ingredients C :

4 shallots ~ sliced
2 cloves garlic ~ sliced
3 cm ginger ~ sliced
2 cm cinnamon stick
3 star anise
5 cloves
3 cardamons
3 stalks curry leaves

Method :

1. Marinate beef with beef curry for at least 1 hour.
2. Heat cooking oil and ghee/butter in a pot. Add in C and saute till fragrant.
3. Add in the marinated beef and stir well.
4. Add in enough water and leave the beef to cook.
5. Once the beef is tender, add in the coconut milk, dhall, the vegetables and salt to taste.
6. When the vegetables are soft, remove from heat.

Happy cooking!


  1. cedapnyer dalca! ader roti canai nih kompem syok jugakk!!

  2. eh eh hana dah pecut dulu plaks! akak duduk kat area umah org semekin jer ma...takut2 mama tak sudi pijak kaki nanti hii..

  3. hana :
    Aiyoo roti canai aa....banyak kolestrol tu Yang oi....

    QueenJah :
    Alah kak, janganlah merendah diri sedemikian rupa.... semekin ke kaya ke seseorang manusia tu, sama je di pandangan Allah. Hanya amal ibadat yang membezakan.... Kita ni hanya manusia biasa je kak, syukur alhamdulillah dengan apa yang Allah dah rezekikan....

  4. frankly..i mmg x reti msk dalca...heheh..reti mkn...kalo dpt cecah tose nih...mak aiiii...trus lapo....

  5. ooohh this will be good with steamed rice..

  6. hye there.I like the new wallpaper,so sweet.I too served dalca for the majlis Yassin at home.

  7. ish ish ada lagi spam kat sini. delete mama jgn biarkan aje.

    dalca tu pekat ke thin? i prefer thick ones but tak pernah buat. maybe i shud make dalca kambing for raya nanti. :)

  8. Jasmeen :
    Meen, cubalah resepi Kak Liza ni, senang di buat sedap dimakan...

    ♥peachkins♥ :
    Very true!

    MAK TEH :
    Thanks sis. Dok jenjalan, pas tu terjumpa yang cute ni, rembat je la.

    Salt N Turmeric :
    Yes boss....dah delete dah spam tu!
    Dalca tu mama buat thin sebab my mom tak suka kuah pekat pekat. Buat dalca makan dengan nasi minyak for raya, sedap gak kan.... Wah... advance betul punya planning nih!


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