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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Egg on Toast

Okay, here's the continuation of yesterday's bread story....

Once upon a time, there was a lady, named MamaFaMi who has a lot of house chores to do, but will always steal time to be infront of her laptop to visit her cyber friends' blogs. And that explains why her house is always in the state of tongkang pecah! Luckily the family doesn't have to suffer from hunger due to her excessive diverted attention from her responsibilities. Hahaha.... ...hok aloh, teruk sangat pulak bunyiknya ye... hihii...

One day, she came across Mamasya's Fotopage . She fell in love with the Egg in Toast, and especially because of the colorful bread. Mamasya is a Malaysian staying in Brunei. How on earth is MamaFami who is now staying in Malaysia, going to get hold of the colorful bread? Then she remembered a bread book that she had bought ages ago and flipped through the pages. She came across the sandwich loaf recipe and without further ado, decided to try out the recipe and at the same time, tried to bake a colorful bread. And walla...she did it... With that bread, on the same day, she made her Egg in Toast. She shared the toast with her dearest husband and they live happily every after......... the end....

EGG IN TOAST (or as some may call Egg in the Basket)
Source :
Mummy Jam

Ingredients :

2 slices of bread
1 piece of cheese
1 egg
a little knob of butter

Method :

1. Using a cookie cutter, cut the middle of 1 slice of bread.
2. Divide the 1 piece of cheese into 4 strips.
3. Place the (uncut) slice of bread on toaster tray. Line the strips of cheese on top the 4 sides of bread. Stack the other slice of bread (the one with the cut-out shape) on top. Press the sides a little.
4. Gently, break the egg into the centre cut square. Put a little butter on the yolk.
5. Toast for about 10 minutes, done! Add some white or black pepper if you like.

Warmest regards,


  1. so kalerfull nyer mama..menarik..
    combination kaler peberet ku tu..
    biler la leh buat gak nih..

  2. ni mesti sedap... alamak,lapar..............

  3. Salam Ma...

    Tersedak dibuatnya bila mamafami sebut nama..ha..ha..yg bestnya baca kisah kongsi roti tu...romantiknya...

    Wowww terpegun nengok roti warna-warni yg Mamafami baking tu...naik kembang membukit, gebus pula tu...menjadi macam yg saya beli.....bilalah nak rajin macam mamafami nguli roti sendiri...

  4. adehhh kak cantikk nyer kaler itu roti..bikin gue laparrpoooo

  5. Heat in toast MamaFami....looks delectable....

  6. mama oiii bukan main kalerful rotinye tuh...bikin daku tergodalah!

  7. Fauzieah :
    Mama memang suka kaler. Sib baik tak pandai pakai mekap, kalau tak, mesti muka ni dah rupa rainbow

    kot! Hahaha....

    chima :
    Memang sedap, lembut dan enak sekali... hihihi... lagi bikin siksa buat Chima ek? Cowey!

    Mamasya :
    Waalaikumussalam. Alamak, tersedak ke? Tersembur tak? Esh esh eshhhh, kesian kat orang di depan tu kuyup! Hehehe...
    Mestilah romantik, barulah boleh live happily ever after... ahaks...
    Kalau Mamasya terpegun tengok roti warna warni mama, then you should know betapa merananya hati ni bila tengok roti warna warni kat fp Mamasya hari tu. Tak kira, nak gak buat toast atas roti kaler kaler. Tu yang mama godam sendiri tu... belasah je...sib baik jadi! Hehehe... Psst... bukan ma yang uli roti, tapi bread maker mama yang tolong uli! Kalaulah nak kena uli sendiri, gamaknya, tunggu Mamasya balik Malaysia, mama kirimlah roti kaler kaler tu sebungkus dua!

    ~~ciklinn!~~ :
    Sib baik bikin Ciklinn lapor je, boleh gak lah ganti makan roti apa yang ada. Buatnya Cik Linn kata teringin nak makan yang kaler ni gak... aduhai, mano gayo eh!

    Kitchen Flavours :

  8. salam mama..

    tabikla ngan mama, siap buat roti sdiri..mmg rajin sgguh. kalau sy tenung2 dulu sblum mkn sbb sayang cantik sgt roti tu..

  9. ma kita nak 2 set pleasssse? mmuaahhss

  10. salam mamafami,

    I have been following you for 2 years now, started at ur fotopages and now in your blog. I have tried a number of your recipes too :D.

    I love eggs so much, and this one makes me drool over the picture. Will definately try this one, even though mine would be just on plain breads. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  11. my gawd! one of the most beautiful loaves that i have seen! way to go mamafami!

  12. ZaiY :
    Waalaikumussalam ZaiY. Mama ni buat sendiri roti tu sebab tak tahu mana nak cari roti berwarna warni macam Mamasya buat tu...

    kucai :
    Nak 2 set? Set large ke regular? Air dia nak air kopi ke coke? Muahahahaha... sabor je la Kucai oi...

    FazidElias :
    Waalaikumussalam Fazid. Thanks for sparing some of your precious time to visit my blog and fotopages. And thank you too, for trying out some of the recipes posted in my blog. Don't worry, the egg on toast is not much of a difference if baked on plain breads. I did it this morning... ;)

    Huhuhuhu... macam you tengok ratu cantik pulak lah bunyinya... hihihi....

    MAK TEH :
    Don suka, mamanya kenalah buat kan....*wink*

  13. agak2 kalau tak mkn nasi sebulan, mkn roti telur gaya ni for breakfast-lunch-dinner boleh turun berat badan tak? hehe. still waiting for your no-rice story...! jgn buat2 lupa mama!

  14. kucingorengemok :
    Hihihi... tak tahulah boleh turun ke tidak berat badan kalau makan roti dengan telur je... Hish, demanding betul budak ni la.. dia nak tahu gak citer no-rice kita tu ye...

  15. wah... sedapnya, teringin jugak nak buat tapi taun bila lah gamaknya nak menjadik.. order jer boleh??

  16. hmm...the colourful toast makes the snack just beautiful and tasty.

  17. salam lagi teruk kes tergoda u! auww!! kalerful & sexy..hehe!mesti mengancam rasanye!!

  18. I've never seen "birds' nests" or "toad in the hole" (the names I know for Egg in Toast) done double decker w/cheese like this. What a great, gooey addition. Looks great--and yay, you, for baking bread (very colorful bread) and making what you were craving all on the same day. I think I'm too lazy for that!

    Glad you are living happily ever after!

  19. What a great idea! Looks so appetising.

  20. This look perfect for breakfast and using the rainbow bread makes it more appetizing...

  21. secangkir madu merah :
    Ala, kalau ada bread maker tu, senang je kerja buat roti ni... cubalah...

    Angie's Recipes :
    Somehow or rather, we tend to say that the colorful ones are tastier than the plain ones huh? Where else, the taste are just the same! Hehehe...

    inahari ali :
    Waalaikumussalam doc. Tunggu ajelah Ina yang buat nanti, mesti lagi tirrrguda!

    onlinepastrychef :
    Gosh, this one particular snack has lots of names huh? Well chef, if I really want to eat that one particular stuff, I will by hook or by crook try to prepare it soonest possible to end my cravings... but that also, depends on my mood actually.... ;)

    pigpigscorner :
    Thanks for your kind words.

    ♥peachkins♥ :
    I can't agree more with you. Enjoy it with a cup of coffee...yummm

  22. aslkum mama....wahhh....cantiknyer roti tu...kemain colourful nyer...tapi roti yg colour pink tu lg mengancam la...naik membumbungayi seumur idup lom berani la nak wat roti...takut tak yg nak berguru ngan mama ni...leh yer...

  23. know, colour, that's a women thing. :-)))
    Refreshing, pleasant, interesting, or unique colour combination does bring me the appetite and desire (oh, yeah...desire) to enjoy them, and want them more........I am on the look for some ingredients , like ube, or cacao, green tea, to substitute for food colourings, because I want to make one for the kid of my sister-in-law.

  24. very de colorful...cantik roti mama...syg nak mkn nie.

  25. how gorgeous! i love all the colors...i wish they have such a bread in hong kong...

  26. tembamnye roti...gerammm lak ngknye...hahahahahahaaa

  27. Salam Ma, subhanaallah.....
    beruntung nya Ma ni dikurniakan ilmu yg tinggi dlm membuat roti...meh lerr ilmu tu skit...
    Jemput dtg rumah baru Ma...

  28. salam...cantikyer roti tue..colourfull sungguh.nie klu dpt mkn tak toleh kiri kanan!!!!

  29. ayi :
    Waalaikumussalam Ayi. Janganlah takut nak cuba buat roti. Kita kena cuba barulah kita tahu keupayaan kita.

    Angie's Recipes :
    That's a good idea...substituting food colorings with the original stuff. Good luck in your search!

    nur :
    Terima kasih Nur... makan je.. perut kenyang hati senang... hehehe...

    Mochachocolata Rita :
    I baked this bread because I can't find one at my place either. So why not you do the same? *wink*

    Anonymous :
    Kalau geram nanti kena nyanyi lagu Black Dog Bone pulak karang! Hahaha...

    Zai Aziz :
    Waalaikumussalam Zai. Alhamdulillah dengan ilmu yang dipinjamkan, dapatlah mama panjangkan pada yang lain...

    eiyna_gadis aries :
    Waalaikumussalam Eiyna.... Ooo kalau Eiyna makan, Eiyna look straight no belok belok eh... hehehee...


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