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Monday, March 16, 2009

Keeping myself busy...

Yuuu huuu.... where has mama gone to? Has she gone to London to see the Queen? Ohoho... how I wish... at least, the London part, if not to see the Queen. Ahaks... You know why I'd like to go to London? Well, the first time I set foot in London, about 8 years back, was during our transit from Africa to Malaysia. We had taken that route as hubby iwas really determined to go home for Eid, that time, by hook or by crook! And of all the dates in a years' calender, we just had to land in London during Christmas Eve! Yes, it was cold, but I like it...ahak ahak... hehehe.... The part that I am not that happy was, all the shops were closed. And the next day was Christmas, even worst. It was like a ghost town. Thank God, the bus rides were operating. So we took the double decker bus ride and went round London and we enjoyed the ride and sight seeing.... alhamdulillah... Oppss... there I go again...down memory lane huh?

Where was I just now? Oh yes, where have I been.... well, I was a bit busy with cakes and cupcakes order and my mom is not feeling well. She had to go to the hospital for check up on Wednesday and Thursday. So she stayed at my brother's house in Bangi. My brother took her on Wednesday and planned to send her back here by Saturday or latest Sunday. He just wanted me to take a break. But then, on Friday, my mom was not in a good condiition and I asked him to send her back so that she can be on her Oxygen Machine. Hope she'll recover soon... Amin....

And here are the cake and cupcakes I made for Kencana Desa. Thank you sis for your trust and for your positive feedback... ni yang buat tambah bersemangat nih.... ahakss....

Happy Birthday to Kencana Desa's son...

Made these for my neighbour Ita's son's birthday last 15th March. Happy birthday Dzakry!

And these were for Ainul and Iskandar... my apologies, for not being able to attend your kenduri. Mak Long dare not leave my mom at home for long with the kids...

And for Cikgu Nona Asiah, my cousin, thank you for acting as my delivery lady.... ahakss.... orang berbudi, kita berbahasa, orang dah tolong buat delivery, kita kenalah bagi gak dia rasa... hihiihi.....

To Kak Sawiyah, if you're reading this entry, jangan jeles aaa... next time akak tolong buat delivery, kita pun leh bagi akak rasa! Hahahaha.... just kidding!


  1. Salam mama ...

    Ma...where can we get those decor yang Alphabets tu ya?? just like the ones you have on the BEN10 cake tu.. thx ma.

  2. melmisha :
    Waalaikumussalam Melmisha. Deco alphabets tu mama buat sendiri out of the readymade fondant. Just color the fondant, roll thin and cut with the cookie cutter.

  3. My prayers are there with your mom. Inshallah she will b fine soon. Ameen! Cakes look droolwothy. Love the roses deco on the cakes...

  4. mama oh mama,
    sungguh cantik puding mu...camna buat?
    and yr cakes! woish, tak tau nak kata apa dah. wa respek.
    how do you do the food slides kat tepi sana tu?
    banyak sgt soklan no....makcik masih terkial2 lg...jeles tgk blog org len cantik

  5. wah mama cantik betul kek2 mama decorate ni..sungguh kreatif la mama ni.

  6. Kitchen Flavours :
    Ameen to your duaas and as we speak, she's much better compared to a few days ago. She gained her appetite again, alhamdulillah. Thanks for your kind words about the's the work of an amateur like me! Hahaha...

    makcikkantin :
    Makcik oh Makcik...
    ~ Terima kasih kata puding kita cantik. Kita dah tunjuk step by step lagi dalam entry Rainbow Marble Pudding
    ~ My cupcakes, still need to improve!
    ~ Slide tu kena daftar kat and then follow the instruction. Lepas dah dapat the slide, then letak the URL kat link sebelah (Edit Layout, add HTML, paste the URL and save)
    ~ Tak apa makcik, slow and steady makcik buat, nanti lama-lama malatops la blog Makcik ye...

    Sally :
    Mama hentam ajelah Sally... apa yang terlintas di benak, itulah yang keluar atas cupcakes... hihihi...

  7. mama...
    wahh makin ari makin melecun deco!!
    heeee buleh ker nk anto borang masuk kelas?? :D


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