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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pulut Kuning

This was what Shima wrote in my Rendang Daging comment column...

"sedihnyerrr bila ma ckp cmtu...sabar ye ma...kira kuat semangat jgaklaa ma ni sanggup wat rendang ni kalau org len maunyerr bertahun br wat blk... best ampak rendang tu mkn ngan pulut kuning iksh3..."

....translation would be....roughly like this....

"It's so sad when mama wrote like that...make sabr... mama is considered strong to be able to cook this dish. Others may take years... The rendang should be nice if eaten with Pulut Kuning....."

I know I didn't translate it accurately but better than not translating at all huh! Hahaha... Anyway, yes, it breaks my heart to prepare all my dad's favourite dishes because the memories of him will rush into my mind. But then, at times it helps to ease the feeling of missing him. Life has to go on right...

Actually I prepared some Pulut Kuning to go with the Beef Rendang. Here's the recipe and thanks a bunch to my cyber cooking sifoo, non other than Kak Liza .


Ingredients :

1 kg glutinous rice ~ washed
3 pieces dried tamarind (asam keping)
2 tablespoons tumeric powder ~ mix with water and put through strainer
enough water to soak the rice
banana leaves to layer the steamer
3 cups thick coconut milk

Method :

1. Soak glutinous rice with dried tamarind, tumeric mixture and enough water for 5 hours. Stir once in a while to allow the color to blend well with the rice.
2. Rinse the water through a sieve.
3. Get the steamer ready.
4. Layer the steamer with banana leaves.
5. Spread the glutinous rice on the banana leaves.
6. Steam till the rice is cooked or till you can see the steam coming out from the sides of the cover.
7. Remove the cooked rice from the steamer into a big bowl.
8. Pour the thick coconut milk (mix with salt and sugar) into the bowl. Mix well.
9. Spread the mixed rice back onto the banana leaves in the steamer.
10. Steam till cooked or till you can see the steam coming out from the sides of the cover.


  1. I amm sure i am going to learn more about indonesian cusine from here.

  2. >> pulut kuning ni makan cicah gula pun sedap...:D

  3. ma... rindu rasa nak smbang dengan mama.. hope to see u online for some time... keep strong ya ma!

  4. terujanya tengok pulut kuning. i ni tak boleh makan byk sgt takut angin tapi tak tahan tengok pulut kuning dgn rendang daging mama.

    nanti farina try buat and report back ok?

  5. aduii sedapnye pulut tu ade lak rendang tu...lagi2 ler terangkat...
    kat sini nak wta pulut kena pi cari beras mochi lak jwbnyer...

  6. anak wa aaaa...lapat ini pulut, satu kilo, bley abih lua beladik..wa cakap botot munya..wa manyak helan, apa pasat manyak suka itu pulut...wa makan aaa, wa munya kapla..manyak sakit...

  7. Mama, Ummi pun baru je buat pulut kuning..mmg fav nih!! X kiralah angin ke apa ke..hehe..bila dah ngam dengan rendang lupa doniaaa kejap! Uiihh mmg nmpak sedap rendang Mama buat tuh!

  8. Salam, first time saya masuk sini sejak mama 'pindah' tau..
    nk tanya, utk masak pulut ni, 3 cups santan tu, if sukat guna ml, berapa ml ye?

  9. teringin nak buat n mkn...kene cuba ni...

  10. fabulous!! very the sedap!!
    cheq guna recipe ni for pot luck kat rumah kawan esok... aiyakss... maybe kena buat another batch, MrD dok perabih dalam senyap!!!

  11. sedapnya..lagi2 dengan rendang daging tu.. ;-)


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