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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Karipap Kobis

* Kobis in English is Cabbage...


Ingredients for skin :

300g flour ~ sifted
1 egg
75g ghee
enough water mixed with salt


Finely blend...
2 tablespoon ground corriander
1 tablespoon cummin
1 tablespoon fennel
2 garlic
3 cloves
2.5 cm ginger
2 cm cinnamon stick
salt to taste

300g minced meat
300g onion ~ sliced thinly
200g spring onion and chinese corriander (daun sup) ~ chopped
5 fresh red chillies ~ deseeded and sliced
50ml cooking oil
3 eggs
450ml cooking oil


600g tomatoes ~ carved into flower
600g lettuce leaves

Method :

1. Skin :
Rub ghee abd egg with flour. Pour in salt water and knead till a soft and smooth dough is formed.
2. Divide the dough to 6 portions of different sizes...the second portion must be bigger from the first one, the third one bigger than the second one, so on so forth.
3. Filling : Heat 50ml cooking oil. Add the blended mixture and fry till fragrant. Add in minced meat with a bit of water. When cooked, remove from heat and put in the spring onion, chinese corriander, red chillies and stir well to mix. Set aside.
4. Slightly beat the eggs.
5. Heat 450ml cooking oil on medium heat.
6. Meanwhile, roll flat the smallest dough. Put the filling, pour a bit of beaten eggs in the middle and cover it. Fry till golden brown.
7. While that one is frying in the pan, roll flat the second dough. Put the filling in the middle and pour a bit of beaten egg. Then put the fried first dough on top of it and cover the whole thing. Fry again till golden brown.
8. Repeat the whole process with the remaining dough.
Note : It is a bit of a job, but it's worth it. My children and hubby loved them very much and so do I (come to think of it...why don't I love huh...hahaha!).
Thanks DianaA for sharing the recipe.


  1. karipap kobis la pulak .... sedapnya nampak !! boleh kita makan ke kobis cabbage puff ni ek ? hehe...

  2. Uiissh! memang betul nampak macam kobis la.. kena simpan resipi nih and cuba nanti di masa sesuai :)

    Best la mama ni..i just love your blog lah! Mesti ada yang lain dari yang lain! ;)

  3. D.a.a.l.i.a. :
    Haa yang ini tak tahu. Awak leh makan daging ke? Kita kalau buat, kita suka gunakan inti karipap as the filling..

    Waterlily :
    Buat dia ada sikittttt je leceh sebab nak kena goreng selapis selapis... tapi hasilnya marvelous! Mama suka gunakan inti karipap je... senang.

  4. I have never seen this recipe before! Lovely! And Mamafami, do you mind to recommend me a good and reasonable built-in oven? As you know I am shopping for one now. Thanks.

  5. Mama..rajin sungguh buat karipap kobis tu..kena lapis satu2 kan...rajin sungguh...

  6. pelik 1st dgr tp menarik kobis betui ahh...

  7. Wow i love the crisp's layers. Looks inviting.

  8. >> kobis...?
    >> banyak angin tu...:D

    Sorry my dear, I am not so good at recommending any good built-in ovens. I simply use whatever hubby bought for me. Mine is Fagor brand.

    Kak Amal :
    Nak makan punya pasal, kenalah buat Kak Amal sebab susah nak cari kuih ni...

    Aishah @ UmmiAqil :
    Unik kan?! Sedap tau..

    Kitchen Flavours :
    And the taste is lovely as well.

    jeff :
    Nama je karipap kobis tapi tak de pun kobis dalam tu... bentuknya aje macam kobis...

  10. mama,syerah pernah buat.
    tapi bukan inti ni la..
    syerah dpt resepi nih dari mil
    bezanya..syerah letak kurma rotab tu..siat2kan,telur,pisang.

    so namanya murtabak lapis kurma n pisang.

    selapis letak telur+pisang.selapis letak telur+kurma,selapis lagi letak telur jerk.buat proses ni berulang2.mmg sedap :)


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