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Monday, October 20, 2008

Order from Zaidah

Made these cuppies for Zaidah's daughter. Thank you Zaidah for ordering.
p/s : Thanks Lily for your help ;-). Nice meeting both of you lovely ladies.


  1. eee... cantiknye cuppies tu... kena berguru nie..he..he

  2. wow!those cuppies are so cuteeeeeee!You really got patient.I hope i can order those too.:)How do you make the face?is it the fondant?

  3. Salam ...kalau nak order...berapa ek :-)

  4. Beautiful cuppiesu really have a lot of patience mashallah,beautiful work!

  5. qistina's :
    Cantik ke? Terima kasihlah ya... nak berguru? Haa tunggu mama bukak kelas ye... hehehe..

    sweetiepie :
    Thanks dear. You're absolutely right. I made the faces out of fondant. I just love making the faces.

    hazlinda hashim :
    Waalaikumussalam. Sila email mama di ya. Thanks Hazlinda.

    anjum :
    Jazakallah Anjum. When you have the passion, you'll have the patience. Trust me!


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