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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pulut Durian

Thank you very much Kak Liza


Ingredients :

Brown sugar ~ to your taste
Palm sugar ~ I added for the color
2 cups thick coconut milk
1 cup water
a pinch of salt
screw-pine leaves ~ knotted

Method :

1. Place the durian, brown sugar, palm sugar, screwpine leaves, salt and water in a pot.
2. Stir on medium heat till sugar dissolved.
3. Pour in coconut milk and stir gently. Stir continuously.
4. Once boiling, remove from heat.


Ingredients :

Glutinous rice
A pinch of salt
Enough water

Method :

1. Wash the glutinous rice, add a bit of salt and water.
2. Water level must be just above the level of the glutinous rice.
3. Cook like how you prepare your rice.


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