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Monday, April 14, 2008

Egg Tarts

Source : Kak Liza


500gm flour
1 1/2 cup margarine
1 tablespoon shortening
2 tablespoons sugar
1 egg


1. Mix all the ingredients (except egg) to form like bread crumbs.
2. Add in egg and mix till a soft dough is formed
3. Roll till about 1/2cm thick and cut using a round cutter
4. Put the circle dough into the greased petty tins
5. Prick base of each tart with a fork
6. Bake for 10 minutes at 180C
7. Take it out of the oven and pour the filling into the tart
8. Bake for another 5 - 10 minutes
9. Ready to serve

Custard (filling)

1 cup evaporated milk
4 eggs 1 cup sugar
1 cup tap water
1 tablespoon custard powder
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
a bit of yellow coloring

Method :

1. Mix well all the ingredients
2. Pour into the 1/2 cooked tart

Note :

1. Instead of evaporated milk, I just use fresh milk
2. If you find the dough a bit dry, just add a bit more margarine.
3. Kak Liza once told me, it'll taste nicer if you use 1/3 margarine + 2/3 butter instead of just margarine. But then, I made just using margarine..and the taste is lovely enough for me.


  1. wahhhh....egg tart~~~!!! sodapnyerrrr~~~!! gilakkkkk~!! lapo perut aku masuk page ni...haiyoooo...

  2. mamafami tahu tak macam mana nak buat portugese egg tart?

    suka sekali baca blog mamafami - terutama sekali pasal makanan =P


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