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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mak Chu's Beef Rendang


Hello everyone. It's been long since I last update my blog. Not only it's been long since I last update, but to be honest, it's been long since I last visited my own page! The Eid mood is getting the best of me! When I've stopped doing my routine for quite sometime, it's just so hard to get back on track. Gosh I just hate that feeling. But sometimes it's beyond control, so we'll just have to accept that. Not only my routine of updating my blog has stopped, but my morning walks routine has stopped even for a longer period. I've just got to snap out of my 'so comfortable' situation now. Gotta get back on my feet. I HAVE TO... I HAVE TO!!!!

Thank you to all my visitors especially to my frequent visitors for having faith in me and for staying with me despite the lack of updates in my blog. Your continous support is very much appreciated.

Personal note to Mak Teh :

Hahaha, kita tak merajuklah Mak Teh. Just liat nak start blogging semula. Dok layan buku dan Sudoku! Hahaha... Thank you for always being there to pujuk me ya. Serba sikit, terasa macam blog ni harus diteruskan... huhuhu... felt bad tau Mak Teh. Like I've let you down ja. Thousand apologies ya...


So, how was your Eid celebrations? We had a good one alhamdulillah but not to mention a very hectic one for me. The best part is, the one that made me proud of myself, I managed to be so organised this year and I did most of the preparations by myself. It really felt good!!! I didn't know I am capable of doing what I've done. Surprise! Surprise! Hahahaha.... Sorry all, just feeling over the moon at the moment. Just ignore me okay! Hahahaha....

Anyway, guess what.... FINALLY I can confidently say to myself that I am capable of cooking tasty beef rendang. I don't need other people to say that my Beef Rendang is nice. I am happy enough when Fatin and Syahmi said, "Mom, your beef rendang is delicious!" Full stop. Made me a very happy mom and a very happy cook! #feelingpoyo#

Thank you so much Mak Chu, my dearest sister for the lovely beef rendang recipe. She is the chef in our family during Eid where else MamaFaMi will take the house cleaning section.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Source : Mak Chu, my dearest sister

Ingredients : (amount of ingredients are just estimation)

1 kg beef - cut to thin pieces
20 Shallots
6 Garlic
1.5 inches ginger
1/2 inch galangal
4 stalks lemon grass
1/2 inch fresh turmeric
2 tablespoons chillie paste
5 bird eye chillies (more if you want it hot)
2 tablespoons kerisik
Enough jaggery (gula melaka)
300 ml coconut milk (I used M&S brand)
enough water
2 pieces dried tamarind skins
6 pieces kaffir leaves
salt to taste
turmeric leaf - sliced thinly
cooking oil

Method :

1. Blend shallots, garlic, ginger, galangal, lemon grass, fresh turmeric, chillie paste and bird eye chillies with a bit of water to form paste.
2. In a heavy based pot, heat oil. When oil is hot, pour in the blended ingredients and fry till fragrant. Stir once in a while.
3. Add in the beef and stir.
4. When beef is half cooked, pour in the coconut milk and water. Continue cooking on small fire till meat is tender.
5. Add in kerisik, kaffir leaves, jaggery, salt and dried tamarind skin.
6. Continue cooking till gravy almost dried up. Remove the tamarind skin and add in sliced turmeric leaf. Stir for a few minutes and ready to serve.

Have a nice day! See you when i see you???? Hehehe....


  1. Hikhikhik..... Ai is terharu gitewww.... :D

    1. Hik hik hik... mak chu terharu ke... nah ambil tisu buat menyapu si air mata... ahaks....

  2. mamafami kalau dapat dicicah dgn ketupat or lemang aduh fenngggsannnn skojap heheh

    1. Betul betul betul. Hari tu masa buat rendang ni, mama hidang dengan nasi impit dan ketupat palas segera.

  3. dok tempat sejuk2 ni mama jadi meleleh2 tengok rendang mama tau cicah roti pun sedapppp

    1. Kak Noor, tak duduk kat tempat sejuk pun, kalau perut dah lapar, nampak apa pun cam sedap! Hahaha...

  4. Tudia, dia mai dah........Rendang ni gu ngan lemang Kijal...fuhhh..pecah kepala
    Mesti byk lgi resepi2 mak chu yg nak diperturunkan, kan...
    Boleh ke..smpaikan salam pd mak chu...

  5. Haduhaiii..sedapnya mamafami..tak tahan tgk gambar rendang ni..klu kat prk..cicah ngan lemang..emmm sedap..tetiba rasa nak cari rendang lak ni..

  6. salam, emm.. sedapnya rendang ni mama. Mcm nak cuba , cuma tamarind skins & kaffir leaves tu apa ya , boleh translate ke BM?

    1. Waalaikumussalam warrahmatullahi wabarokaatuh. Rendang ni sedaplah pada tekak mama dan macam pertama kali lak rasanya dapat masak rendang yang begini kejadiannya. Selalunya macam tak berapa nak serupa rendang. Muahahaha..... Tamarind skin tu asam keping. Kaffir leaves tu, daun limau purut. :)


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