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Monday, January 20, 2014

Kuih Cara Manis


I can never be a teacher. I can never teach. And I don't think I have the potential to be a good teacher either. I admit it myself.. without any pressure from anybody ... hahaha...dah macam bunyi kena interrogate pulak ek? :P

My neighbour and I, sometimes played 'masak-masak' at her house. She will ask me to drop by her house, normally on weekends to do stuffs. But whenever I tried to 'play teacher' infront of someone, whatever I did, won't turn out how it turned out when I was doing it alone at home. Luckily my neighbour knows me well and understands my situation. Where else others may think... well mama is not sincere to teach us. How come, when she did hers, all came out nice. She must be hiding something and doesn't want to share it with us.... :(

Frankly speaking, if I want to hide something from anybody, I will not waste my time sharing it with others. It will be just a waste of time and energy to me and also to the other party.

So to conclude, I think I am not meant to be a teacher. Thank you! Hahaha...poyo punya statement...


Made these at Saerah's house two weekends ago. These look lovely. But the first batch was....mmm... never mind... it is just for me and Saerah to know... hahahaha..... Thank you to Che Ann for this lovely recipe, from me and surely my neighbour and her family. 

Posted by MamaFaMi
Source : Che Ann

Ingredients :

1 1/4 cup flour
1 tablespoon custard powder
1 tablespoon margarine (I used Planta)
1 egg
1 cup pandan juice (I mixed 1 cup water + pandan essence + green food coloring)
1 1/2 cup coconut milk
a pinch of salt (or to taste)
green food coloring

enough sugar for filling
a bit of oil for greasing

Method :

1. In a big bowl, sift flour and custard powder. Set aside.
2. In a smaller bowl, add egg, pandan juice, coconut milk, salt and food coloring. Mix using a whisk. Pour into the dry ingredients. Stir using a whisk.
3. Pour the bater into a blender and add margarine. Turn on the blender for about 2 minutes till a smooth bater is formed.
4. Heat the kuih cara mould on the stove on slow fire. Grease with a bit of oil.
5. Spoon some mixture into each hole. Leave for about 40 seconds before putting some sugar onto the middle of the batter.
6. Cover the mould and leave to cook for about 2 to 3 minutes or till done. 7. Repeat the process till the bater is finished.


Resepi : CheAnn @ Dari Duniaku...


1 cwn tepung gandum
1 sudu makan tepung kastard
1 sudu kecil majerin/butter
1 biji telur
1 cawan air pandan
1 1/2 cawan santan
scubit garam
sedikit pewarna hijau utk menaikkan seri kaler hijau
Gula utk masukkan dalam kuih
sedikit minyak utk oles kat acuan kuih cara


1. Campur semua bahan kat atas kecuali pewarna & gula- sy blender je supaya adunan halus mulus
2. Panaskan acuan dan oles dengan minyak
3. Masukkan adunan ke setiap lubang acuan, biar seketika- dalam 40 saat utk lapisan tepi dah masak baru massukkan gula. Kalau terus masukkan gula nanti kuih mudah pecah..gula mudah sememeh keluar.
4. Tutup acuan dan biarkan dalam2-3 minit...atau hingga masak
5. Angkat dan ulangi proces membakar hingga adunan siap

Note: adunan memang nampak cair tapi jgn bimbang...bila dah masak ia akan lembut gebusss gitu.

Have a nice day!


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    1. Cikit chajer tau... hihihihi...
      Mama buat kat rumah jiran mama la Gee. Mama pun tak ambil bawak balik...

  2. Emmm..comellll aje gune acuan munga munga camtu...Thanksss MamaFami sudi cuba wesepi saya..muahhh!


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