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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Instant Chicken Tempura Foldovers


Assalamualaikum everyone!

It is 6th Ramadhan today. It means that we've fasted for 5 days plus now. Time flies. I felt like we've just started and the true fact is, it's almost a week now.

This morning I was listening to Radio ERA, while doing my morning walks. And yes, I am still walking during Ramadhan. So far, I hadn't miss much, only twice in 2 months' time. Good eh? Aja aja fighthing mama!!! Okay, back to Radio ERA, Johera was talking about missing sehri. Well, for us today, we didn't miss sehri but we woke up a bit too early from the usual time. Thank you to Miss Fatin! Gosh! She didn't sleep the whole night because she was doing her programming. It was 4 am when she woke me up. And me, without checking the time, came down and prepare for sehri. After we were done, when I looked at the clock, it was only 4.48 am. Grrrrr Fatinnnnnnnnn!!!!!! Normally we will wake up at 4.45am, and today, we were done eating by 4.48am! So moral of the story, never jump out of the bed without checking the time first! Huhuhu......


Just to share something simple and quick that you can prepare for iftaar. Especially for those who are lazy busy and who has limited time to prepare food for iftaar. I made these last Monday and will be making it again today, but using fish nuggets.

This is convenient especially for those who are rushing to go somewhere just after Iftaar. In my case, this is suitable for my son whose tuition classes starts at 8 pm. Once he broke the fast, he'll just pray Maghrib, grab these foldovers and jumped in the car and we'll drive him to the tuition centre. Now that the traffic is heavier compared to before, we had to start our journey earlier than before... be patient dik.. another few more months to go... we can do it!!! Phew.....

Anyway, this is how I go about doing the foldovers...

- Remove the tortillas from the packet.
- Heat a bit of oil on a grill pan
- Grill the tortillas 1 minute per side
- Remove from the grill

- Fry the nuggets till golden brown
- Once cooled, slice to 1cm thick

- Clean the vegetables and cut to bite size

- On a piece of tortilla, spread the vegetables
- Toss the sliced chicken tempura nuggets
- Pipe some mayonaise
- Pipe some Thousand Island sauce
- Wrap the tortillas neatly.

And enjoy!!!

Take care and have a nice day!


  1. wah so easy Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hi Mama Fami, Selamat Berpuasa.
    How are you my dear friend? Take care ya.... Hari Raya coming.

    So simple yet so delicious instant foldovers. Reserve 2 pieces for me,LOL
    Thanks for sharing this quickie meal.

    Have a nice day, muahzzzz...........

  3. Assalam mama,
    salam ramadan buat mama & family..
    simple & nice menu mama ni..
    i have tired your roti canai pedas..thank you dear mama
    for the boys love it & me of cos..
    will post it later in my blog ya..

  4. As salam mama...wah cam best je idea mama ni. Senang & cepat yg penting tu!

  5. Yummy!!! Terliur-liur dah niii...

  6. Ya Allah..sahur tadi kakliza served inilah cuma tak ambil gambar sbb kalut nak habis waktu..
    lenkali kena buat dan ambil gambar pula...
    senang and sedap uuuu..

  7. Simple dan mudah... tapi satu hidangan lengkap... :) Salam Ramadhan buat mama sekeluarga...

  8. salam ramadhan mama...mokwo kan selalu iftar memang makan simple2 gini...busy bukan, lazy pun bukan..cuma megharapkan diri tak tergolek2 zzzz seblum terawih...this definitely gonna be in my lists...good idea ma!

  9. Assalamualaikum Mama
    Salam Ramadhan;
    Apa Khabar Mama? Lama tak borak2


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