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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FOUR years now....

Started on the 27th July, 2007 and till today..

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My thanks to all my visitors and readers for your continuous support to this humble blog of mine. The fun, the happiness, the knowledge, the friendship that I have gained all these years are worth treasuring. I will cheerish them deep in my heart. Thank you...

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Have a nice day!


  1. Tahniah untuk blog mama yg dah menjangkau 4 tahun ni yer..
    hmm.. tp rasanya saya terlambat dpt tahu... tau mama.. sebab dulu2 mama set up blog ni senyap2... hehehe.. tau2.. bila masuk blog mama.. dah byk n3 kat dlmnyer... hehehehe.. apa2pun..tahniah! keep on blogging!

    p/s: tak sangka sy pun terjebak dengan blog jugak.. ingatkan akan setia dgn FP saja... nice to knowing u mama... tru FP until now... mamalah orgnya yg membuatkan sy terjebak dgn food blogging/fp... tp saya masih merangkak2 lg dlm bidang masakan ni... hehehe..

  2. Salam perkenalan mamafami sempena ulang tahun blog mamafami.Kita selalu jenguk dapur dan dah jadi follower

  3. Happy Birthday and Long Live MamaFami's Spice And Splendour

  4. Happy 4th Birthday to MamaFaMi's Spice and Splendour... Many happy returns to the blog owner and friendship forever Ma!! Muaaahhh ^__^

    *psst..sama besday pulak blog mama dgn bonda Ummi...hehe

  5. As'salam Mama

    Happy 4th Birthday to MamaFami Spice n Splendour semoga kekal selamanya dan penuh dengan masakkan yang mantop!! cayangggg Mama muahh!

  6. Assalamualaikumwbh mama...

    Congratulations!!! U deserved what you get today...:) it is not the numbers that really count, it is the value u've brought into.....:)

    It is wonderful knowing this site mama...

  7. tahniah sis.jangan pula nak berhenti ya...

  8. Dear Mama,

    I need your help, I'm looking for a blogger who was featured in the star newspaper under don't call me chef column. If I'm not mistaken, it was the first article published. Did you read? If yes, do you know who is she? Thanks so much...happy cooking..I enjoy your blog very much!

  9. Madiha :
    Sebenarnya kan Madiha, mama pun tak tahu apa yang membuatkan mama membuka blog ini. Rasanya pasal kat blog ni, leh buat memacam template. Kalau kat FP, tak leh nak hias itu ini. Tu sebab teruja agaknya.. hehehe... Blog Madiha pun best. Madiha pun rajin memasak. Mama ni suka cuci mata kat blog-blog masak, tak dapat makan, dapat jamu mata pun jadilah...

    Puan Ros :
    Salam perkenalan ye Puan Ros. Terima kasihlah sebab sudi melawat blog mama yang tak seberapanya ini...

    Kjee :
    Thank you Kjee dear..

    Ummi :
    Thank you Ummi. Oh sama birthday dengan bonda Ummi eh? Jadinya kan, kalau buatkan bonda Ummi kek birthday, kenalah buatkan blog mama kek birthday gak.... nanti mama dengan sukarelanya tolong makankan kek tu bagi pihak blog mama... bley? Hihi...

    CT Delima :
    Waalaikumussalam CT... Terima kasih atas ucapan tu ya.. xoxoxo

    Ayu Safieza @ Humaira' :
    Waalaikumussalam warrahmatullahi wabarokaatuh Ayu. Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated and I hope you'll give me your continuous support ya. Jazakallah.

    Mak Teh :
    Thank you Mak Teh darling. Berhenti? Mmmm... never cross my mind pulak, but now that you've mentioned it... mmmm.... ahahaha... just kidding!

    Anonymous :
    I did not read the Star newspaper. But after reading your comment, I went to the Star Newspaper online and came across the column you've mentioned. I am not sure which one that you're interested in. But one thing for sure, I don't really know them in person. Very sorry for not being able to help you out dear. Perhaps you could visit their blogs to find out more. Good luck!

  10. Dear Mama,

    Thanks so much for your response. I really appreciate it. I checked the star online for the column but they missed the first article. The blogger is a malay lady, I forgot the name, that's why I can't check her blog. Anyway, I'll keep looking...there is one particular recipe in her blog that reminds me of my favourite choc cookies when I was young and would like to have the recipe. Keep up your good work mama, I have tried many of your recipes successfully! Thank you...


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